Summer has definitely come to a close, but we knew it would, that was never the real point. This whole summer we challenged you to take part in a summer story; one where where we could all contribute to a visual diary of Endless Summer in the Awesome Okanagan. (Find out more about what we hoped to share with you!) We lovingly referred to this little project by its Twitter hashtag, the #aokendlesssummer.

We’re back with our 5th and final Edition of the photos you’ve shared and that we’ve documented. So even though we know it’s a short time before the leaves start to turn (Silver Star and Big White already had snow this year!) we can look back at the warm months and memories in sweet recollection. Look back on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Edition’s now!

trevneill captures the essence of Canadian Summers

willy_jollymore was involved with Lulu Lemon in Kelowna before he left to work for them in Australia, here’s yoga from his perspective

caseylynnf hahahah duck bum.

kimathomas makes a visit back to the Okanagan from San Fransisco and shares her adventures in a way only she can

timfeeny rounds out our summer with a perfect sunset at the El

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