Fashionate: The Fashion Show 2012

On September 22 the Kelowna Community Theatre held the 2nd annual ‘Fashion Show’ hosted by the Centre for Arts and Technology events and fashion students. I had the opportunity to attend both last year and again this year to view the collections of the creative graduating fashion students. Each and every girl has a unique style that sets them apart from the rest.

Nicola Treat, Jill Setah, Andrea Witschen, and Johann Kreiger showed their collections along side local boutiques; Ashpalt Shoes, Raw 69, Bella Clothing, The Wardrobe, La Belle, and the newly relocated Dlux boutique.

Nicola’s inspiration for her collection comes from nature. Each draped dress is hand dyed and beaded by Nicola herself. She makes truly beautiful garments and you will find the perfect maxi for a stroll along your favourite beach front this winter!

Andrea’s collection had the most edge of all the collections. Her line showed off a stunning quilted leather skirt along with an edgy floor length silk gown, just to name a few! Her badass vibe paired with natural elegance is the perfect style to dress yourself up for a night out on the town.

Jill has a passion for her Native Canadian culture and she expressed that through her clothing on Saturday. She took her inspiration from her heritage and transformed it into fashion forward pieces that tell a story. Truly amazing work.

Last but not least we were presented with Johanna’s collection. Specializing in one-of-a-kind wedding gowns, each dress tells a unique and interesting story.

Not only did these 4 up and coming designers showcase their best work, Kelowna’s hottest boutiques boasted their favourite fashion’s of the season. Check out their websites and then head down to location to find the best in fall fashions!

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