It started out as a hashtag but it quickly became our mantra. A battle cry in the middle of the night, the quickest way to ward off bad vibes and hard times. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had this kind of feeling where you aren’t able to truly express exactly how you feel at a given moment, but I have that pretty often. Sometimes I get really effing excited, like so excited I think my eyes might pop out of my head, and that isn’t even hyperbole. I literally had that happen to me last weekend.

But sometimes you feel a love, or a passion, or just an amazing feeling that you want to share or explain but you feel powerless to do so. It’s frustrating. I’m not always that great at speaking or writing to express fully myself, or at least, I don’t feel what I’m saying can adequately deliver the soul of what I hope to convey. A lack of or failure to communicate.

I feel that video has become that medium for me. The mix of motion pictures, sometimes funny quotes, visually tender moments and just the right song are—what I can only assume is—the best way to spell out how I feel about something.

#summer2012 became more than just a hashtag. It was a thousand million moments, rigorously lived and completely embraced. It was challenges, and refusing to give up. It was seizing the day, and often annihilating the night. It was fake bands, road trips, swimming, live music, sunshine (and more than a few sunrises), surprises, animal costumes, pool parties, and saying “Yes.” #summer2012 wasn’t even only ours.

Early in the year my friends and I found ourselves bumping into people who felt the exact same way. “There’s something different about this year. Something in the air.” People could feel it and #summer2012 had a wonderful sound to it, almost eloquent. #summer2011 didn’t look as nice written down, and no one much cared for the sounds of #summer1992, everything just seemed to line up. Maybe it’s because we’ll all be dead by December 21st (right?!), maybe it was a fluke.

But maybe #summer2012 has been one of the best summers of our lives. And just maybe you felt the same way too.

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