Fashionate: Beauty Trends 2012

As the leaves change colour and the air cools down, our fall fashion trends take a turn into warmer deeper hues. From clothing to boots to new hair trends Autumn is in full swing. These are my top Hair/Make-up trends I am loving.

The ‘NEW’ Ombre: Ombre hair is one of the fastest growing hair techniques ever and we are not going to see it go away anytime soon. Staying on trend with the changing of the season we are seeing warmer hues on the ends with balayage being brought up closer to the root.



Bold Lips: Fresh faced make-up paired with an intense bold lip is all the rage this season. Make sure you choose a hue that suits your skin. Just because you see a deep plum does not mean you can pull it off. The undertone of the lip colour should compliment your skin tone.  Try some different tones on until you find the one for you!



Sketched on Lashes: This is a BOLD look and I would not recommend it for everyday wear, but to glam up for your Christmas party this look is too chic.




Hair Jewelry: I LOVE this trend. Bling for your hair will glam up any outfit or hairstyle. Just make sure you don’t over kill it with cheesy diamonds or have to much going on within your piece.










Try one or all of my favourite trends this season and you will be sure to wow the crowd!

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