Mike Edel – The Country Where I Came From

I am so thrilled that Victoria musician Mike Edel’s music video for “The Country Where I Came From” is finally officially out. I had the opportunity to watch it synced to his live performance at RockRidge Canyon as part of the PEAK Performance Project back in late August/early September. There was something about the time of the week (complete lack of sleep too I suppose), his performance and the stirring visual quality of the video that hit me. I was very much emotionally affected by the whole experience.

I was responsible for the video portion of his performance so I actually had the mp4 of the video, I kept it (sorry Mike!) and loaded it into iTunes so I could watch it at home on AppleTV at the end of that week. He asked that it not get shown anywhere outside of camp since it wasn’t being officially released until today, so keep in mind I’ve had this gorgeous beast in my possession for an entire month already and haven’t been able to share it, until now! Watch this video. Then watch it again.

Mike Edel will be performing with Vancouver’s Jordan Klassen and Joshua Smith October 25th at Habitat

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