October 12th “Crowd The Joanna” Show

On October 12th, around 9 P.M, I went to see Crowd The Joanna play at The Grateful Fed, along with My Kind of Karma. Both are local bands and I highly recommend you check them out when they play next!

The atmosphere at the Fed is cozy and quaint, but gets really rocking when the show starts and with bluegrass inspired, rockabilly folk music — you are never disappointed.

The night started off with My Kind of Karma and their style is similar to Bedouin Soundclash but more folk inspired.

Each member can sing and each had written a song and performed it with the band during their concert — something you don’t get a lot anymore and something I really appreciated. These guys are definitely a talent and if they play near you, go check them out!

Followed by Crowd The Joanna, this band is a rock riot — their tone and brutal presence of Folk/Bluegrass inspired music is genius. Not only is it rowdy and celebrated, the band combines an easy listening tone with gritty punk roots.

Although not all their members were present, this band put on a great show — they are always worth checking out and play regularly at downtown venues.

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