Streaming Cafe “Evening Hymns” & “Andy Shauf”

Last night was an amazing performance by both Jonas Bonnetta and friends along with Andy Shauf and his band.

Arriving shortly after 7PM, I was able to catch most of “Evening Hymns” act and I must say, they have a great indie rock sound.

Not to sound generic, Bonnetta’s music is gentle on the ears with emotional undertones that portray a hard working musicians art.

Jonas Bonnetta is the brainchild behind this wonderful band, who first released his own recording “Farewell to Harmony” under his own name, before taking “Evening Hymns” on and collaborating with members from different bands.

They are a must see show and are currently on tour with Andy Shauf, for more information on this band and to follow their tour dates click here.

After Evening Hymns set, Andy and his band came on stage to set the mood.

If any of you out there are familiar, the way Andy writes his music is reminiscent of tragic poetry, with a true to life message wrapped up in a beautiful arrangement of harmonies, melodies and drop tunings. Their set was amazing and the songs that Andy decided to share off his new album were nothing short of flawless.

With intermissions of twitter postings and trying to get a read on the audience, Andy delivers a frontman stage performance that’s mixed with serious emotion and laughter.

If you missed these bands last night, get out to Vancouver and go see them on November 5th at the “Wunderbar”. These guys are not to be missed. Follow their tour dates and listen to some free tracks here, and stay tuned for the interview between Andy and I which I’ll post very soon!

Special thanks to Devon Regier who was at the show with me last night, he took these wonderful photos — so a big thank you goes out to Envasion Creative Graphics!

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