The Big Mother Folking Schistshow

Last night shortly after 7PM The Well, the pub at UBCO held an awesome concert consisting of: Great White North, My Kind of Karma, Crowd The Joanna and a solo by Jack Rabbit. These bands played great sets and brought some great vibes to a place not many would consider. Their concert was hosted by The Geography Course Union and was not something to be missed.

I did arrive a bit late so I only caught the last bit of “My Kind of Karma” and “Crowd The Joanna”. Both of these bands hold members of whom I’m friends with and they never disappoint. If you enjoy listening to reggae/bluegrass/folk/rock type music, these bands are for you and the members are all great to meet. I highly recommend both as they consist of extremely talented musicians who love what they do.

“My Kind of Karma” consists of: Garrett Scatterty, Isaac Balson, James Hockin, Sam Wilson and Taylor Gross. They hold members from Bowmanville, Ontario as well as here in Kelowna and are super friendly guys. I can’t say much more about them, besides the fact that they know how to write good music and they aren’t a band you forget about seeing live.

“Crowd The Joanna” consists of a bunch of members, some of which change on occasion. Last night there was: Max, Sky, Ross, Ty and Shawn. I’ve been seeing them for a few months now and their energy is really what you remember. Their songs are tunes you dance and shake down with. Again, know if you go see them play live you’ll never forget it and you’ll have a great experience.

For more information please check out these bands websites and Facebook’s listed below! As well, stay tuned for my interview with Isaac Balson from “My Kind of Karma”, which I will post soon.


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