The Wooden Sky: On Tour

This morning has been filled with excitement and a bustle of energy. I was privileged to call Gavin from “The Wooden Sky” and get some insight into their life on tour, the new album and the chaotic events taking place in the USA. I asked if there was anything crazy going on in regards to the election and the destruction of Hurricane Sandy and Gavin had some good stories. “We were literally on stage when Obama won, that was pretty cool. We were in New York the night before that and saw lots of trees falling down and some lineups for gas, we didn’t however, make it to ‘Rockaway Beach’. But the bartender in New York said that the power was out, so lots of bars were closed — and they couldn’t make rent”.

This chaos mirrors the difficulty of touring and writing material for a new record. Gavin was mentioning how his band built a carry-along recording station, for their second album. But that he’s excited to get his own studio finished to record their third full length.

“It’s been pretty fun, It’s exciting to have your own space because before, we’d be setting up and tearing down all the time, recording wherever we possibly could, so I’m looking forward to going home and recording in Toronto after the tours are done”.

“The only scary thing for me right now is going on another tour. We really are trying our best to work on things. There’s time, you just have to find it especially on a tour this length. The hard part of being a musician, is you really don’t want to go back and find another job, that’s why we’re touring so much to make money. It’s a difficult thing, because you can’t write music as easy on tour, so it’s a double-edged sword.”

That being said and despite being tired from touring, Gavin made a point to say that he loves it and isn’t worried about money, but that the process of touring is where they are right now — and that the excitement will continue to their next release.

I asked Gavin what their process will look like for their new album and this is what he said. “I don’t know what it will be, but I’m counting up a list of songs, I have about 25 now. We’ve been talking a lot about the process and we’re going to try and do it a little differently. I want to have 9 or 10 songs done, before we go into the studio. We’ve been talking about making a rock record actually, it seems fun to make one that’s more like a live show.”

After they finish their tour in the USA and Canada, the band is heading back to Europe for a three week tour, then home to work on their new material. I was interested in their sound changes from their second album “If I Don’t Come Home, You’ll Know I’m Gone” to their newest release “Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon A Sun”. So I asked him what that process looks like now and if there will be any new focus. “It is a quest for growth and experimentation. There is also a really natural evolution with things too, you can’t do the same thing twice, because that’s just not possible. I can only speak for myself, music is exciting because you can go back but also go forward and you get to take what’s out there and build on it as an artist.”

Their goal is to finish the new album by March. So stay informed and up to date here. Follow them on tour and come out to the show in Vancouver on the 20th of November at St.James Hall, this band is definitely worth the trip.

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