The Wooden Sky at St.James Hall, Vancouver

You’d never guess where I was this week. I got the chance of a lifetime, thanks to Brandon Fletcher and Kat Stewart. I visited Vancouver with a friend and saw The Wooden Sky at St. James Hall this past Tuesday.

The venue was definitely unexpected, but as soon as we pulled up their choice became apparent. I’m not sure if any of you readers out there have been to St.James Hall, but it’s a really small venue. Basically, it’s a church with a community hall attached. But the entire place is set up like a church, all made out of wood. It even has a curved archway and a beautiful stage.

The sound quality was amazing and the intimate seating, around 50-80 made the concert just perfect for the music emanating from the vintage instruments.

The set opened up with Northcotea band which consists of Matthew Goud along with other “invited guests”. Their set was short but sweet, and Goud’s vocals are really unique and powerful for such subtle indie/folk music. After their set finished up, Wildlife came on stage.

This band holds five members and they are: Dean Povinsky, Dwayne Christie, Graham Plant, Derek Bosomworth and Tim Daugulis. Their genre was different from the regular indie rock bands around, as they focus more on power-pop/soul music. But their set got better each song and I was thinking if they did anything acoustic, it would be beautiful.

But, as I impatiently waited in the pews, the band of the evening came on stage. The Wooden Sky played an amazing set, ranging from a few songs off their newest release as well as some classic old tunes from their first E.P. One thing I noticed was the energy of the lead singer/guitarist Gavin on stage. He controls the bands flow and movement, and really pushes his vocals at the appropriate moments as their songs ebbed and flowed throughout the set. I can also imagine the vibrations from the surrounding wood of the church adding a magical quality you miss out on in larger venues.

That being said, this band is not something to pass up, so next time they come on tour across Canada, go check them out! Bring all your friends and family too, because it’s one of those bands that you never walk away from disappointed.

For more information visit their bandcamp here, and get listening. As well, stay tuned for the interview I got with Gavin, which I’ll post tomorrow.

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