A-OK Mixcast Eighteen: 10 Best Shows of 2012

Wow, what another great year (maybe the best?). There’s definitely been a shift lately, as some local bands left town to pursue success in a bigger market like Vancouver and to tour Canada, many other new bands have formed and scattered themselves across the landscape. It’s not unusual to see 8-10 shows every Friday and Saturday night in Kelowna alone these days and people are really making a name for themselves. With so many events we clearly couldn’t make it to all of them, but here’s a selection of shows we saw that remained memorable for a number of reasons!

  1. About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help at All by Dan Mangan
    • November 8 – Dan Mangan with Rural Alberta Advantage at the Kelowna Community Theatre.
  2. Call and Answer by Jordan Klassen
  3. The Sinking of the Greenhill Park by The Matinée (Download this track for Free!)
    • June 23 – The Matinée at Habitat
  4. Time Flies by Joel Plaskett
    • September 25 – Joel Plaskett with Mo Kenney at Habitat
  5. I Am a Heart by Hey Ocean!
    • July 8 – Hey Ocean! at Keloha Music Festival
  6. The Do Nothings by Fields of Green
  7. Average Sunday by Calum Hughes Collective
  8. He’s Leaving with Me by Chains of Love
    • April 28 & 29 – Said the Whale with Chains of Love & Oh No! Yoko at Habitat
  9. Before the Sun Sets by Tough Lovers
    • November 7 – Tough Lovers with Bestie & Little Jungles at Fernando’s Taqueria
  10. Out of the Scenery by Dominique Fricot
    • May 19 – Dominique Fricot with Ciseaux at Fernando’s Taqueria

Honorable mention this year to The Winter Provincial, Windmills, Devon Coyote for playing a bunch of solid shows all over the A-OK! Don’t agree with the list? What shows would you select as the 10 Best in the region? Let me know through email or the comments!

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