Fashionate: Shake Off the Winter Blues

I think we can all agree ’tis the season of feeling run down, and drab. Whether you are sick of your hair colour or feel like you need a whole new wardrobe winter is a time when our skin is less that radiant and our hair is lackluster. I have 5 ‘Pick-me-up’ tips that will turn your winter blues around!

1. Release Tension. Indulge in a deeply calming scalp treatment to release tightness and create a healthy environment that promotes oxygen reaching your follicles. This is prevent dry, itchy flakes and lack luster hair. Top it off with a moisturizing colour gloss to enhance your colour and have mirror like shine!

2. Moisturize your skin. This is the time of season moisturizing is most important to maintain radiant glowing skin, especially after our beautiful okanagan tans have faded away. Lather yourself with a moisturizer or better yet, body butter post shower. Your skin will absorb more when it is still softened and warm from the water.

3. Don’t be afraid of color! I always notice as winter wears on our wardrobes become more muted. Don’t be afraid to add colour and brighten up your day! Experiment with a royal blue blouse or canary yellow blazer. Pair it with a grey cotton tank or deep toned scarf to winterize it.

4. Get outside. Fresh air will instantly revive. Embrace the country we live in and get outside, try cross-country skiing, skating or even a walk alone mission creek. You will be sure to feel better after a day spent outdoors.

5. Take care of yourself. December is a very busy time for lots of people and we tend to burn ourselves out. Replace your coffee with energizing tea and don’t forget to take your vitamins! Have lots of rest remember to take the time and enjoy the holidays with your friends! It is a time to celebrate family and friends, and there is no better cure than laughing!

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