A-OK Giveaway! Tickets to Hannah Georgas, January 17th

Hannah Georgas

“I want to press reset,” Hannah Georgas sings in “Robotic,” a driving and purposeful song from her self-titled new album. And she’s done just that. A few years ago, when Georgas was first toting her guitar through the Vancouver music scene, she was known for her acoustic leanings. Then the more intricate production of her nascent recordings, in combination with her luscious voice, helped raise inevitable comparisons to Canada’s most favored musical export, Feist. But with Hannah Georgas, she’s found bold new ways to marry her essential singer/songwriter sensibility to elaborate studio soundscapes, while significantly upping the playfulness factor. It’s an album of rich, emotionally resonant synth-pop that isn’t afraid to walk a fine line between vintage new wave and contemporary ethereality, easily gliding from tongue-in-cheek come-ons to hauntingly emotional head trips. One thing you’ll never accuse it of being is robotic.

Heavy on the electronics, but not the electronica, Hannah Georgas harks back to a time when hookiness was the order (or New Order) of the day, and human emotions (or Human Leagues) ruled, even when the underlying textures tended toward the synthetic. Her principle cohort in this redefining effort was producer Graham Walsh, of the celebrated Canadian band Holy Fuck, who shared her desire to forge a sound that makes heavy use of pre-EDM keyboards. Hannah will be performing with our personal friends, The Belle Game.

How do you get in? Tell us why you want to go. Tell us in the comments, on our Facebook page, or Tweet at us. Maybe you caught Hannah her last time in Kelowna and just couldn’t get enough? We’ll pick two (2) people to win a pair (2) of tickets each who really, really want to go to this show and make some dreams come true! Contest closes Thursday at noon.

Where: Habitat (248 Leon Avenue, Kelowna)
When: Thursday, January 17th – 8:00 PM
For: 19+

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