Celebrating New Year’s Eve the New Yorker Way

If you were downtown on New Year’s Eve the action was hard to miss. Two large spot lights dancing in the night sky directed thousands of people towards Stuart Park where the city was having its New York New Year’s Eve celebration, an event inspired by the popular New Year’s Eve countdown happening simultaneously in Times Square, New York. If you had young kids or no intention of staying up until midnight this was the place to be to make your New Year’s Resolutions and celebrate with friends and family.

There were plenty of activities for young kids to do downtown on this night, including snowmen building, snowball target practice, and even soccer. Since the weather wasn’t quite what you would expect during this time of year the city had to bring in a truck full of snow to dump in Stuart Park, creating an area where kids could build snowmen and play on the piles. There were also snowball targets set up for kids to practice their aim with rubber balls.

Despite the lack of snow the temperature remained a reminder that it was still winter, keeping the ice on the skating rink frozen. Several thousand people filled the park on this night, and I’m willing to bet the majority of them were crammed onto the ice. Vendors supplied waffles and other hot treats to keep everyone warm.

When I arrived, managing to catch the coattails of this family friendly event that began at 6pm and ran until 9pm, the stage which was previously occupied by a DJ was being set-up for a maritime folk band that came out and rocked it until the end of the night. When they finished their set the people then crowded the boardwalk to watch fireworks which were set off at 9pm sharp and lit up the night sky for the next fifteen minutes or so. This concluded the New York New Year’s Eve celebration in downtown Stuart Park.

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