Fashionate: Emerald Green; The Energizing Color of 2013

It’s a new year, which means new beginnings! We are about to enter one of the most beautiful and inspirational seasons of the year: Spring! It is my favourite season for finding inspiration for my fashion forecast with  bright colors coming back to life through mother nature.


The colour of spring 2013 is emerald green. This is a very energizing lively colour that you can incorporate into any aspect of your life. Many of us feel as though we cannot ‘pull off’ certain colours. Perhaps you wear your Emerald green in the form of a fabulous new bag, or as your new mani color. Although this is a bold color for the season it represents a fresh new start. Pair this color with effortless frocks that easily fall away from your body, such as a soft silk maxi dress with a leather jacket.


Emerald Green is paired beautifully with a muted down jade, or luminescent white. These colors will add so much freshness to your outfit. For a night out pair your favourite new green tone with a metallic silver fringe bag, or Monacoe Blue pumps. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple colors, if worn properly they will compliment each other fabulously.

Purchasing new clothing each season can become expensive, and many of us don’t have the budget to support that, although some of us shop as though we do! A great way to be a trend setter and incorporate the seasons hottest style is through your jewelry. Your LBD is never going to go out of style, so change up your arm candy and necklaces to bring your favourite dress up-to-date! Green pearls, a blinding cocktail ring, or a jeweled emerald cuff will modernize just about any outfit.


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