Hannah Georgas & The Belle Game

For what seems like weeks I haven’t posted any articles on music… on Second thought, it probably has been close to a month. But I want all you readers to know that I’m back and will be covering events of all kinds. Most recently, last Thursday night at The Habitat, I caught Hannah Georgas & The Belle Game play an awesome show.


The Belle Game played first and was a good way to start the evening. Their music is unique because of the composition and their almost orchestral pop sound. Originating from Vancouver and formed in 2009, currently this band holds five members: Adam Nanji, Andrea Lo, Alex Andrew, Katrina Jones and Rob Chursinoff.



After their set, the audience was left silent and in anticipation of Hannah GeorgasAlthough the night started off later than expected, the wait was well worth it. Georgas, a Vancouver based pop/rock songwriter controls the stage with an outstanding presence and vocal quality that’s a shock to hear live. Her clarity and ambiance created by the melodies of simple chord progressions, strung together with her lyrics makes for a beautiful delivery. This band is a must see live and if you don’t believe me, listen for yourself.

Overall, it was a great night and was hosted at one of Kelowna’s best downtown venues. Stay informed and up to date here.

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