BESTiE – Pineapple

Happy VD. I had a chance encounter with Vancouver band BESTiE whilst attending a Tough Lovers gig at Fernando’s back in November. One of the guys in Tough Lovers told me that BESTiE band member, Tristan, also ran the music site, one I had found during the golden days of Blog House back in 2008. After their show I spoke with him a bit about the early days of the genre, mutual friends, the dance parties they introduced me to, and how winnie cooper was a partial inspiration for me to revive my blog ‘career.’

Well, they recently released a tropical punch-in-the-jaw they claim is a video for their song “Pineapple.”

Yeah, this is a video.

Yeah, this is a video.

This tasty treat is filled with all kinds of symbolism that I won’t understand until I’m older. If I didn’t already spend every not-summer-day counting down how many days are left until summer, I’m sure this video would completely engender that sentiment as well. Rumour has it they’ll be back in the Okanagan this Spring, but you didn’t hear it from me.

We passed the halfway point to Summer a week ago.

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