Fashionate: Gypsy Soul – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

When you walk into the Gypsy Soul showroom a sense of freedom and pure bliss takes over you. Infused with incense and warm and welcoming energy, Chelsea and Brandi take you back to the markets of Northern Goa, Bombay and many more with the finest silks, and beautiful jewelry lining the walls.


A signature to their brand; the ali baba pants, made in a light and cool cotton fabric, or draping your body in gorgeous Indian silks these are the ultimate versatile pant. They can be worn low on the hips or pulled up to accentuate the waste. At first glance the unique pants look like a long flowing skirt, especially if they are dressed up with a beautiful blouse, or paired with a one of a kind gypsy soul crochet top. They will be a staple in any girls wardrobe this summer.


Gypsy soul is all original designs with only one or two pieces of each made, so you know the whole festival won’t have the same cotton leg trouser, or pocket pants.

Each design is made with love, with finishing touches done right here in the Okanagan Valley. Chelsea and Brandi wanted to bring the Indian culture and incorporate it into the Kelowna lifestyle of easy carefree, summer living.

One of my favourite designs is a pair of ali baba’s made from two completely different sari fabrics. This is such an elegant piece. The pants are almost like a piece of art they are so beautiful, and you feel so much of the culture coming through when you are wearing the pants. These are truly one of a kind, and what girl wouldn’t want to feel whimsical in a one of a kind garment!


Beyond the magnificent pants the girls have tirelessly been designing over the past few months, they have launched the romper, which is so versatile, and can really be worn any way you like. They have also designed the perfect shoulder bag; of course in true Indian style, covered in sequins! A top seller already, the crochet top could be work over a taupe camy with a body con peplum skirt, or with your favourite pair of Gypsy soul pants and a sexy bra to complete your gypsy look.

If clothing is not your forte you will find a piece of jewelry to fit any mood. From absolutely stunning gold and jeweled bangles to beautiful beaded necklaces there is a piece for any occasion. They combine casual with glamour seamlessly and it makes the items very interchangeable.


What started out as an innocent journey to India, turned into the experience of a lifetime for the two beautiful wanderers. Brought together through a love of fashion and a big dream the girls embraced the Indian culture and immersed themselves deep into the markets of India. In true Okanagan style Gypsy Soul was born over a bottle wine, and what started out as an idea, has grown into a beautiful budding empire. Gypsy soul is your bohemian clothing line that you can dress up with a pair of chunky sandals or wear over your favourite bikini to the best festivals Canada has to offer.

With prices in the Gypsy soul line ranging from $30-$75 there is a piece for everybody.

Through the course of 2013 Gypsy Soul can be seen at various market and festivals throughout B.C. and Alberta. All events are posted on the Gypsy Soul Facebook page, you can also request a viewing of their stunning showroom through the page as well.


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