Shithead on Stage

You never go to a bar to see a shithead, well at least I don’t. But last night was different, because as any punk fan knows, D.O.A frontman Joey Keithley’s nickname is Joey Shithead.


I got to the show a lot earlier than I had anticipated. While having to pay cover, I waited around for over two hours before D.O.A took the stage — not the best start to the evening. Sound check was way off schedule and no one was even in the bar. Let’s face it, Doc Willoughbys is a horrible venue for a punk show, not only are the regulars a bunch of idiots, the venue is cramped and the seating arrangements are awkward — not to mention the small stage, which allows for nothing more than a stagnant performance.


By the time D.O.A were about to start the show, everyone attending was drunk and acting obnoxious. People were spilling each others drinks, yelling at the band, crashing into the intimate stage, knocking over the microphones, bashing into the walls and each other — falling on the floor and pushing people around. Definitely what you would expect at a punk show, but in my opinion I wouldn’t have done so at this show — keep in mind D.O.A is playing a “farewell tour”. The bouncers ruined the night, by getting in everyone’s way and it’s not that I’m blaming them (that’s their job) but when you’re trying to watch a band and see someone in the way, it gets irritating.


D.O.A’s set was great, they played a lot of old songs and a couple new ones as well. “World War 3” and “Police Brutality” were my favourites, of course “Slumlord” was great too. I was surprised by the energy and amazing solo’s done by Keithley — and what an approachable guy. Doing shots, drinking beers, signing shirts, vinyl and even… my leather jacket. Just super friendly people all around.


Overall, after the show started the energy increased and I felt a lot better, there was something lacking up until D.O.A took the stage. I think it was the venue and drawn out waiting time, that half-spoiled my evening — I would not recommend this venue for a show of this nature, to anyone.

That being said, listen to this band, follow them on their farewell tour. Keithley is getting into politics and once this tour is over, the band is never going to play another show. So while you have the chance go see them live, I did and it was definitely worth it. I have nothing but good things to say and you reading this review won’t help the cause because, their music speaks for themselves.


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