Streaming Cafe EP Release Show “Windmills”

On Saturday night around 7:30, Cory Myraas took to the stage at Streaming Cafe in Kelowna. The place was sold out almost instantly and mostly everyone was seated, creating a perfect atmosphere for this experimental loop artist.


Myraas played a few tracks off his first album titled “Keep Moving” as well as the new material off his EP, “Tilting” — which he saved for later in the evening. What caught me most off guard was his interpretation of “Hallelujah” and his newest, unreleased track “Her’s Place.” Myraas interpretation of “Hallelujah” was a breathtaking journey of ambient melodies that left the audience including myself, in a state of serene bliss.


“Her’s Place” is a beautiful song inspired by Myraas’ grandmas cottage in northern Ontario, it starts off with a slow, heart-felt guitar loop that’s ambient and reminiscent of a beautiful Canadian landscape. The lyrics: “As I’m awakened by giants as passing trains, as they rattle on. Past rivers and mountains little lakes, oh those summer days, I miss them now.” capture a past childhood of nostalgic memories in another place and time, which you can clearly pick up on while listening to this song.


The way Myraas expresses such subtlety in his lyrical choice, really brings a lot more to the table in terms of emotions and I was completely drawn into his sounds. You know when you’re witnessing something first hand and it feels right, it feels as though what you’re experiencing was meant to happen, not only to yourself but to the performer, that’s how I felt this night seeing Myraas perform.


The concert was one of the best shows I have seen to date this year. Everyone was included into the performance via twitter post readings and inside jokes, it made the evening feel comfortable, warm and friendly. Myraas stage performance and modest persona shone through, every step of the way.

Another moment that stands out is when Myraas asked the audience to judge his newest song, which I mentioned earlier. That participation is important when you’re going to see a one man band and Myraas pulls it off with ease.


After Myraas’ set, most of the audience stuck around, talking amongst friends and even getting signed copies of Windmills new EP. Others, were discussing their evening plans and all in all the mood was of excitement and inspiration. At least for me it was, I left the evening feeling uplifted, refreshed and proud. Proud of watching someone I consider a friend have come so far with his beautiful articulation of his art in music.


If you have not yet checked out this amazing band, please do so here. You can also check out the live streaming of Myraas’ performance here.

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