Wild Son & Windmills

What a hectic Friday night. After a brisk walk to buy cigarettes, amongst the glowing lights of passing cars. I arrived at the Chevron station near the highway, got hijacked by a few friends and driven towards downtown in a swerving concoction of burning rubber and smoke. Between two strange faces and my friend borrowing my phone, I was in complete ambiance. Shortly after, I arrived at a packed venue, Fernando’s pub. After finishing another smoke and getting a Tanqueray logo pushed onto my leather jacket, I allowed myself inside — having to sweet talk my way past the doorman with my plus one. Reluctantly, I got inside and witnessed the concert.


Windmills was first, and Myraas always puts on a great start to any evening. I don’t have much more to say about this artist, except if you still haven’t heard all the buzz surrounding his name, get out of your cave and listen to his music! Some of you are probably thinking, a one man loop artist… trust me, Myraas is redefining that genre all for himself.


After a few more drinks, laughter, some inappropriate behavior, more cigarettes and crazy dance moves, the crowd was settling in for a good evening. I was amongst great people, a lot of friends and equally pleasant strangers. The pub was packed, as well it should be and people had driven in from all over to see these guys play and who could blame them.


Shortly after Windmills set, Wild Son came on and that’s when things got interesting. From standing on tables, leaning across lamps and peoples drinks to get photos, I was bombarded from all angles by the dancing crowd. The energy had reached a new level and seeing Wild Son perform for the first time, was a great experience.


Their music is rhythmic, catchy and unexpected. Delivery is a mash up of high-energy reggae infused melodies, tied nicely together with beautiful violin work and slamming bass riffs, that had the walls vibrating. Yet another band I’m really glad I came out for. I highly recommend you all to go see their show. I was lucky enough to snag an interview with the band afterwards, so that’ll be a bit tricky to piece together — I’ll try my best, stay reading for that. In the meantime, check out Wild Son here.

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