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Spotted! Under the Sea at Don’t Look Down

The Following

Don't Look Down

Was Spotted


Depending on the time of day and year I’ve been known to wander Kelowna’s back alley’s to get places quicker, or just with a different perspective. Finding great pieces of graffiti like this is exactly why.

OUR Coffeehouse

Last month I checked out a great new monthly event in Kelowna called OUR Coffeehouse (OUR – Organic, Unplugged, Roots/Raw). It’s held at Reid Hall (Benvoulin Church, 2279 Benvoulin Rd. in Kelowna) and doors open at 6:45, performances start around 7:15.

It’s hosted by local songwriter/mentor Jane Eamon. I’m not sure if you recall Jane Eamon but she was one of the songwriters that came together to write the Centennial song for Kelowna. She has always had a heart for supporting upcoming artists and songwriters of our community so it’s a perfect fit to have her host the night.

Arriving at Benvoulin Church it reminded me more of a house concert than any other type of concert event. There were new performers hitting the stage for the very first time, pros simply showing up to share their passion and skill, and nicely rounded out by a feature of one of our local headline acts (that week is was Cowboy Bob). The evening is truly a sampling of some of the Okanagan’s best talent.

If you’re interested in performing at the event simply sign up to take a 10 minute spot during their open mic component.

Here is the Creative Director for the newly established Association of Artists for Creative Alliance non-profit society, Andrew Smith talking about the event and the society.

The video ends with a song by a local classical guitar player, Alan Reinhart.

It was a great night of creativity and a showcase of some amazing local talent. So if you’re free next Wednesday swing by for a cozy concert at the Benvoulin Church. You can also check out their blog at

I also recently picked up a new camera and this was the first event I’ve used it at. It’s a Lytro camera and it allows you to focus after the fact. Experiment with it. Simply click on different parts of the picture to have them come into focus.

Shistfaced at ‘The Big Mother Folking Shistshow’

On Friday I was invited by UBCO’s Geography Course Union to attend their live music event, promptly entitled “The Big Mother Folking Shistshow (Round 2)”, held in the university’s student pub. For those of you who don’t attend the university, The Well (the name given to the student pub) is a cozy little spot nestled in the same building as the cafeteria. A long booth runs along the entirety of the right wall and two pool tables take up residence at the back beneath hanging lamps. There’s a bar counter where you can purchase cheap beer and a small kitchen where you can order pizza and other greasy foods we’ve all become accustomed to eating during drunken nights out.

The night started out slow. After about an hour of waiting CT Creek took the stage and opened with a solo acoustic set. Beneath him was a handmade sign charging $50 for a performance of ‘Wonderwall’, which he guaranteed he could play exceptionally well. We never did get to find out just good it could have been. After his performance the line-up was shaken up and The Winter Provincial played next. The three man folk band gently rocked the evening into the late night.

Things really began to kick into gear when the Jack Rabbitt and The Field Mice, minus the Field Mice, came on stage. Lacking his drummer and keyboardist, Jack Rabitt rocked out with pre-programmed drum accompaniment and thrilled the crowd with his audacious guitar antics. The atmosphere became equivalent to that of any other bar as people began to file into the door and crowds formed at the front and back of the pub. As people started to dance and the pool tables at the back became constantly occupied the night came alive with vibrant energy.


Finally the night culminated with The Great White North, a solo project with a rotating and fluctuating line-up that on this night featured the two previous solo performers as well as the head of the Geography Course Union himself. One of the most memorable moments was when they played ‘The Good Ol Hockey Game’ amidst a set of original material from their self-titled EP, available for free on BandCamp. The Great White North also had CD’s and various other merchandise available at the show, which they gave out for donations to their “Gas $” jar.

As it got close to 1am things began to fizzle out and the show soon came to a close. It was a good fun night out and a nice de-stressor for all of the university students preparing for their final exams. You can look up The Great White North and The Winter Provincial at the links below.

Fashionate: VFW Update

Vancouver Fashion Week is in full swing and we have seen some beautiful designs so far! Feminine pieces and gorgeous colours! Here is a look at some of my favourites…


Fashionate: VFW Designer Profile – SIPILA


The kick off to B.C’s largest fashion event is just around the corner and anticipation is building for the reveal of new amazing up and comers.


Today we look at Finnish based designer SIPILA. Featured on Project Runway Finland her designs are clean and designed for the modern style-conciseness designs.


The collection is made for real life with wearable timeless fashion. With a selection of various capes and structured dresses each piece easily interchangeable with the rest your wardrobe.

Windmills/Wild Son/Van Damsel


The day began with a blur, as I stared out towards the city and the oncoming hail storm.
Driving through this destructive force in a Nova. I arrived home, grabbed my gear and set out to Fernando’s Pub to catch the show.
Amidst the rumbling music from within, the line was hectic and filled with ever-growing impatience. I waited too, until my brief words caught me a break.


Inside everywhere, a graphic blur of faces, colours and ambiance as the music droned on. I moved my way through the crowd, took root by the sidelines and snapped my camera in a wild frenzy of musical chaos. Weaving in between the audience capturing the night, Wild Son took the stage.


Tonight was different, there was an energy that felt new and inspired, activating some uncontrollable force from the crowd. Everyone gyrating as if something unknown was possessing them to carry on such outbursts. It was beautiful, the bands played extremely well.

Windmills played first, then Van Damsel, finishing with Wild Son. A musical collection of vibrating rhythms, melodies and subtle tones that leave you wanting more.


These bands are from the Okanagan area and I suggest to anyone reading that hasn’t heard of these bands—to go check them out, now. For more information on any of these bands, click their names above.

Fashionate: VFW Designer Profile – Goldie


Goldie is an established international designer with wearable fashion forward clothing. This London based designer has a exceptional selection of clothing for any girl who likes looking and feeling fabulous.


With her smart designs and trendy and stylish looks, any girl will fall in love with this label.  With a true London Flare to the clothing you can transform from a warm summer day into a night out in a heartbeat, and what girl doesn’t like to have a versatile wardrobe.


With bright colours, beautiful dresses, and the most adorable shorts this will provide you with summer staples!


This is one of my absolute favourite designers showing at fashion week this year and I can’t wait to see what this ready to wear collection has to show us!


Visit their website for the entire collection. Happy online shopping!!

5 Ways to Effectively Screw Up a First Date

I’m single. I have been for just over a year now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, nor do I think there’s anything wrong with being in a long-term committed relationship, nor do I have anything against friends with benefits. I’m not decisively for any one specific relationship type at the moment. I often find mine defined completely by how much I care for the other party involved, so, for me at least, there’s no one-size-fits-all relationship style.

This can also make things really confusing.

Like, do I have to get my own wine, or will I date someone who can do that for me?

Like, do I have to get my own wine, or will I date someone who can do that for me?

I’m not here to condone or condemn any type of relationship either and I’m definitely not giving any advice, I’m just setting the context of how easy it is to get mixed signals and really fuck up a first date. These are some of the wonderful/terrible/hilarious mistakes I’ve made over the years. Mistakes like…

#5. Not Being Aware You’re On a Date

I like to chock this up to my innocuous lack of awareness in everyday life. I like to read into the signs that aren’t there and miss really obvious, in-your-face signals. When you’re just meeting someone, especially when it’s over the internet or text message, it can be difficult to get a sense of how they joke, or talk, or who they are. Some people are just overly flirty when they chat, I know a lot of my friends are. So keeping that in mind, I’ve stopped looking into every time I’m sent 4 ;)’s in a row. The result? Any subtle message of “I like you, let’s make out!” hidden between the lines of your sly emoticon wink will, inevitably, be lost on me.

Meeting someone for a drink and they’re thinking ‘date’ and you’re thinking ‘nachos’ really kills the mood.

Patio Season

“I like that we met on this patio for a completely platonic celebration with alcohol!”

Unless I’m getting an overly emphatic up and down, I rarely notice if or when I am being flirted with. Which leads me to…

#4. Being Terrible at Flirting

Which I am. Also, I am the awkward. It doesn’t help that multiple job descriptions make a simple question like, “What do you do for work?” take 15 minutes for me to explain. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Luckily, my close friends have learned to read my body language and will help me out once in a while. In fact, my best friend Ryan can usually tell when I’m into dude about 3 seconds before I know.

Me flirting can go one of three ways:

1) I meet you, you are friends with my friends, you are smokin’. The first thing I’m going to do to let you know I like you is never make eye contact, or talk to you, or draw attention to the fact that I’ve acknowledged you in any way. Sexy, right?

2) I haven’t met you, you sit a few tables away in this pub/restaurant/ICBC waiting room, I dig your face. I’ll probably stare at you continuously with one eye, raising my brow and/or nodding at you every time we ‘accidentally’ lock eyes until you ask if I had a stroke 6 months prior. I’ll keep looking at you and holding your gaze far too long and eventually you’ll run to the bathroom to see if there’s some food stuck on your face. Turned on yet?

3) I have met you or we hang out sometimes, let’s make out in this hallway for a few minutes while everyone else is busy. This is probably the least embarrassing way I’ll hit on you. We’ll be pally all night, and I’ll probably be all up in your grill. While I laugh at half-heard jokes, everyone else will be rolling their eyes at my humiliating attempts to gain your attention, all while you are painfully oblivious. The night won’t be a complete waste and we’ll have had a good time, but I’ll keep thinking “that could have gone better.”

And in the end, I'd rather just go home to him anyway.

In the end, I’d rather just go home to my cat anyway.

#3. Never Making a Move

My third terrible way of flirting could be considered partially analogous with this point, I suppose. Don’t chicken out. I know I said I wasn’t giving relationship advice, but that was obviously bullshit. Take a chance, make the move. You’ll regret more the things you didn’t do over the people you did do (as long as you’re safe & responsible).

How you do this is up to you. I’m for sure not an expert on this part. I’m honestly not even sure what happens between the point I realize I want to kiss someone and when it’s actually happening. It’s usually all a blur and is often impossible to replicate the same way twice. I have no advice here other than lock it down.

Don't let the distance between everyone fool you, the sexual tension was palpable.

Don’t let the distance between everyone fool you, the sexual tension was palpable.

#2. Drinking Too Much

I know this one seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult to avoid, but I’ve had a few doozies in my day. I remember one time going out with a bunch of friends in Victoria. We were staying with a couple close friends, and some of their local crew came out for the night. I had my eye on one person specifically and had a few martinis for a little liquid courage.

"Just this one? Oh ok."

“Just this one? Oh ok.”

I hit a wonderful plateau where we were being social, I was funny and entertaining. The body language was there and I built up the confidence to accuse “I know you want to make out with me right now.” Not the smoothest line maybe, but it worked. And that would have been the perfect way to end the story or stop drinking.

"After that 8th drink, I'm starting to get worried too."

“After that 8th drink, I’m starting to get worried too.”

Naturally we went out to another bar after and a nightclub after that. There was beer and shots and all of a sudden subtle jokes and kisses turned into a sloppy sideshow on the dance floor. Eventually he disappeared (see: begged his friends to take him home) and my friends had to get me out of there because I was dancing in broken glass.

I could go on with more stories here, but you get the point and I don’t want to ruin any chances I may have with any of you in the future. Know your limit, drink within it.

#1. Taking Dating Advice From Me

This last point is almost certainly because the thought of list with only 4 items shakes me to my OCD-addled core, but it really doesn’t change the fact that maybe you shouldn’t always listen to other people’s dating advice.

You're going to take the advice of a guy who's ideal date is 'Rumours' and a pound of bacon? I would too.

You’re going to take the advice of a guy whose ideal date is ‘Rumours’ and a pound of bacon? I would too.

Of course it’s important to have a point of reference — my other best friend Rob is always there to tell me I look like a total creep constantly rubbing my date’s shoulders throughout the night (guilty!) — but at the end of the day they’re not dating that person, you are. You’ll be the one dealing with the 2nd date, and the 3rd, the 1 year or the breakup. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, so be yourself and be fearless.

I’ll admit my very genuine fear of rejection and that, like everyone, I have my insecurities. It’s important to gain perspective; I remind myself that if I don’t make the move I’m essentially in the same place as if I’m rejected. Taking that chance usually means things either stay the same or end up better (Though this may not be great advice if you’re constantly falling in love with close friends).

If you’re awkward, be awkward. If you’re James Dean cool, rock your matchstick and rolled up sleeves. If you wear sweatpants to a night on the town… please don’t. But don’t feel you have to change key components of yourself to be the ideal mate for someone else. Love yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin. When the right person comes along, and when you’re not thinking about how long it’s taking for your nachos to get to you, things will work out if you really want them to.