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Fashionate: VFW Designer Profile – Laend Phuengkit

Over the next two weeks I will be profiling my favourite designers from VFW leading up to the events.

Laend 2

Today I will be showing looks from Berlin based designer Laend Phuengkit. His label; Studio Laend Phuengkit was launched in 2010 and has been making waves in Europe ever since. Winning the renowned Swiss Design award in 2011, and being the first Swiss to be nominated for the Ramazotti award.

Laend 1

Having shown at Mercedez Benz Fashion week Berlin his designs are a beautiful combination of European and Asian patterns and styles fused together. Laend Pheungkit incorporates different shapes, patterns and prints into his passion for drapery. His clothing is truly beautiful and pretty.

Laend 4

His clothing can be worn both day and into the evening and dressed up or down. Designing both Men’s and Women’s wear he clearly shows his passion and vision through each and every piece! Don’t miss out on this amazing up-and comer!


Visit for more photos and collections!!

A-OK Exclusive: Nuuka – Fjords


Local indie band Nuuka is set to release their new Higher // Lower EP on April 5th at The House (#1-240 Lougheed Rd, Kelowna). They will be performing with A-OK poster boy Windmills and Andrew Judah (here’s the Facebook event).

We’re stoked to be able to offer the readers of A-OK “Fjords,” an exclusive track you haven’t heard anywhere yet from the upcoming release.

In the words of band-member Anthony Martens:

Fjords has the distinction of being the first track we ever wrote as Nuuka. Unlike our previous musical project this song featured drums and bass and an uptempo beat, which was a transition, but exciting for us nonetheless. During the recording process our dear friends The Archers, an up-and-coming folk/rock band out of Victoria, stopped in at the studio to record their signature harmonies.


A-OK Mixcast Nineteen

A-OK Mixcast 19

A-OK Mixcast 19 - Albums

Real quick! Pay attention if you live in or near Kelowna or Kamloops today! Two of the artists featured on this Mixcast perform tonight and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on JP Maurice or Trust w/ Eraas + Little Jungles (the last three we are co-presenting!) Alright, now that the business is out of the way, a proper hello is in order. Welcome back. How awesome has this weather been? I dunno about you guys but I’ve been getting lots of fresh air and sun and wow, my attitude completely changes. With this shift in attitude I often find a natural inclination to create an analogous playlist. Pair good vibes with good tunes. Artists featured this Mixcast are:

  1. Rusted Heart by Mike Edel and The Fugitives
  2. Set It Free by Sarah Slean
  3. Spoons by JP Maurice
  4. Wake Up by The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer and Portage and Main
  5. Cultured Man by The Zolas
  6. Backlines (Eight and a Half Remix) by Stars
  7. Shoom by Trust

Don’t forget to catch all these great shows between today and April!

  • The Fugitives – March 14th at the Osoyoos Mini Theatre (5800 115th St, Osoyoos)
  • Sarah Slean – March 5th at the Kelowna Community Theatre (1435 Water St, Kelowna)
  • JP Maurice – March 6th at Heroes Pub (Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops)
  • Portage and Main – March 8th at Fernandos (279 Bernard Ave, Kelowna)
  • The Dudes w/ The Zolas – April 17th at Habitat (248 Leon Ave, Kelowna)
  • Stars w/ Said the Whale – April 3rd at the Kelowna Community Theatre
  • Trust w/ Eraas + Little Jungles – March 6th at Habitat

Remember, if you’re listening to this Mixcast in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad there will be a link to where you can buy these great tracks! If you dig the song it’s only $0.99 in the iTunes store! If you’re an artist hoping to be featured in a future Mixcast please contact me!

Photography by Flickr user melbaczuk.

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Vancouver Fashion Week, Here We Come!

Vancouver Fashion Week is a multi day event — taking place from March 19th-24th this year — showcasing award winning local and international designers from global fashion centers, twice a year.


Awesome Okanagan is thrilled to be a sponsor of this event and to be able to support local designers here, in Vancouver and all over the province. I will be working during the week of the event but will be heading down for the last two days with my Editor Brandon William Fletcher to take in some of the incredible shows and parties. Apart from covering the two days I’m there, you can also see some lead up to this exciting event as my regular Fashionate column will be covering the amazing designers taking part in VFW this year, so stay tuned!

Studio ONE11 Zine Launch Party

Article Submitted by Pablo Tsolo / Submit Your Own Article


The COLLABORATORS OF STUDIO ONE11 have been instrumental in the birth of Kelowna’s very own zine scene. December last year, while everyone and their mom was waiting for the world to end, the good folks over at Studio One11 were busy putting together Kelowna’s first End of the World Zine Fair. It was an exciting event with zines contributed from various countries. I stocked up on some soon-to-be bunker reading material. I was satisfied that if everything came to an end; at least it was with a bang over at Milkcrate Records.

Brit Bachman (6)

A few nights ago at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, on a weekday we’ve come to know as Thursday; Studio ONE11 was focused on a bang of a bigger kind. It was the launch of the Evolution Issue. The new zine is filled with everything from mammoths and smoking monkeys to anatomical drawings and lonely pathogens. There’s even a creepy Darwin in sunglasses watching over his lot of genetically modified creatures.

Jeff E (7)

What I especially noticed on the display desk that night was the separate zine projects some of the members had worked on. Lucas Glenn’s work is full of rhetorical quips which are as thought-provoking as they are playful. While Jeff Ellom’s collage images turn upside down any sense of familiarity the viewer may begin to feel. His found text and image arrangements reveal a developed understanding of the power of juxtaposition.

Brit, Jeff, and myself (4)

Joshua Khutney and I organized everyone in the group for pictures. We used an old Polaroid camera with practically extinct film. Almost all the pictures all came out terribly underexposed. Josh left me at the Alternator Gallery to rush home to grab his Nikon. I guess this is evolution. Meanwhile Brit and I continued a conversation we were having on the alternative development of Polaroid film. She shared some enlightening methods on ways in which to mess around with the film using scratching and warm water. Despite the night’s analog setback, I felt a renewed enthusiasm to experiment later with these new techniques.

Unnatural Selection (1)

Josh made it back just before the event was ending. We retook the group shots digitally. There was still a lot of energy and laughs even though the event was winding down. Everyone who left ended up helping take down Corie Waugh’s Cardboard Fox installation which was being shown again in the Alternator Gallery.

Unnatural Selection (3)

Over the past months it’s been very rewarding to observe how the individual artists uniquely interpret the theme of each issue. So far Studio ONE11 has had six releases: One11, True/False, Money, Playground Politics, Heartbreak, and Evolution. Despite the different techniques each artist may explore (such as text, collage, illustration or photography); a candid style of social commentary consistently runs through. Brit, Jeff, Lucas, Corie, and the newest member, Tayelor Martin are sure to continue ONE11’s notable tongue-in-cheek approach for many issues to come.

The Belle Game – Wait Up For You

Our friends in The Belle Game worked with video studio The Herd to make this video for the lead single from their Wait Up For You/Wasted Light 7″ which was released today via Bella Union and Boompa Records. The video was directed by Kheaven Lewandowski, and is one their favourite projects (and my favourite music video of theirs) to date.

I find I’m immediately reminded of 1973’s The Wicker Man in this video, minus the supernatural aspect. Trading a scary tiny village for a scary puritan colony and you easily connect with the alienation felt by the outsiders who think differently. Also, great song.

Okanagan Arts Awards 2013


Last night I attended the prestigious Okanagan Arts Awards at the Kelowna Community Theatre; the Okanagan’s version of the Hollywood red carpet event. Forget about the Oscars; the true achievements and people we should be celebrating, are right here in our community. The doors to the event opened at 6pm, giving the guests and nominees an hour to mill around the lobby mingling over complimentary wine and appetizers provided by Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Chef Michael Lyon. At 7pm everybody filed into the theatre for the awards ceremony hosted by CBC’s Gillianne Richards & Chris Walker.


Ten large glass sculpture awards, created by Lake Country artist Bruce Taiji entitled, “Okanagan Refractured”, were given out in 10 categories. A link to the complete list of nominees can be found at the bottom of this article. There were 44 nominees in total. The winners of each category were:

David Mcilvride, from Kelowna, in Media Arts

Craig Thompson, from Kelowna, in Music

Sterling Haynes, from Westbank, in Literary Arts

Vicki View, from Kelowna, in Dance

Crystal Kay Przybille, from Kelowna, in Visual Arts

Trevor Butler, from Kelowna, in Design

Matt Brown, from Vernon, in Theatre

Robert MacDonald, from Kelowna, for Supporter of the Arts

Michelle Loughery, from Vernon, for Arts Educator

Creator’s Arts Centre, from Kelowna, for Central Okanagan Foundation Arts Association Award

Robert Dow Reid, from Kelowna, for Lifetime Achievement Award

The award presentations were interspersed with performances including dance, music, theatre, acrobatics, opera, and literary reading. The official after show after party was held at Hanna’s Lounge and Grill on the waterfront. The party was exclusive to Okanagan Arts Awards Show ticket holders and included free snack platters and live music.


View the 2013 nominees here.

Nuuka – Higher//Lower

Local band Nuuka just released their new single, Higher//Lower. I’m really digging this.