Shistfaced at ‘The Big Mother Folking Shistshow’

On Friday I was invited by UBCO’s Geography Course Union to attend their live music event, promptly entitled “The Big Mother Folking Shistshow (Round 2)”, held in the university’s student pub. For those of you who don’t attend the university, The Well (the name given to the student pub) is a cozy little spot nestled in the same building as the cafeteria. A long booth runs along the entirety of the right wall and two pool tables take up residence at the back beneath hanging lamps. There’s a bar counter where you can purchase cheap beer and a small kitchen where you can order pizza and other greasy foods we’ve all become accustomed to eating during drunken nights out.

The night started out slow. After about an hour of waiting CT Creek took the stage and opened with a solo acoustic set. Beneath him was a handmade sign charging $50 for a performance of ‘Wonderwall’, which he guaranteed he could play exceptionally well. We never did get to find out just good it could have been. After his performance the line-up was shaken up and The Winter Provincial played next. The three man folk band gently rocked the evening into the late night.

Things really began to kick into gear when the Jack Rabbitt and The Field Mice, minus the Field Mice, came on stage. Lacking his drummer and keyboardist, Jack Rabitt rocked out with pre-programmed drum accompaniment and thrilled the crowd with his audacious guitar antics. The atmosphere became equivalent to that of any other bar as people began to file into the door and crowds formed at the front and back of the pub. As people started to dance and the pool tables at the back became constantly occupied the night came alive with vibrant energy.


Finally the night culminated with The Great White North, a solo project with a rotating and fluctuating line-up that on this night featured the two previous solo performers as well as the head of the Geography Course Union himself. One of the most memorable moments was when they played ‘The Good Ol Hockey Game’ amidst a set of original material from their self-titled EP, available for free on BandCamp. The Great White North also had CD’s and various other merchandise available at the show, which they gave out for donations to their “Gas $” jar.

As it got close to 1am things began to fizzle out and the show soon came to a close. It was a good fun night out and a nice de-stressor for all of the university students preparing for their final exams. You can look up The Great White North and The Winter Provincial at the links below.

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