Windmills/Wild Son/Van Damsel


The day began with a blur, as I stared out towards the city and the oncoming hail storm.
Driving through this destructive force in a Nova. I arrived home, grabbed my gear and set out to Fernando’s Pub to catch the show.
Amidst the rumbling music from within, the line was hectic and filled with ever-growing impatience. I waited too, until my brief words caught me a break.


Inside everywhere, a graphic blur of faces, colours and ambiance as the music droned on. I moved my way through the crowd, took root by the sidelines and snapped my camera in a wild frenzy of musical chaos. Weaving in between the audience capturing the night, Wild Son took the stage.


Tonight was different, there was an energy that felt new and inspired, activating some uncontrollable force from the crowd. Everyone gyrating as if something unknown was possessing them to carry on such outbursts. It was beautiful, the bands played extremely well.

Windmills played first, then Van Damsel, finishing with Wild Son. A musical collection of vibrating rhythms, melodies and subtle tones that leave you wanting more.


These bands are from the Okanagan area and I suggest to anyone reading that hasn’t heard of these bands—to go check them out, now. For more information on any of these bands, click their names above.

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