A-OK Mixtape: The Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Mixtape

The Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Mixtape - Front

The Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Mixtape - Back

Happy First Day of May tomorrow! You may very well remember our last summer Mixtape, The Big Wet Canadian Summer Mixtape, and if you’re anything like us you crave that perfect collection of songs to pair with a flawless summer day. We’ve made this mix 30 minutes longer and added a third side this time around, our longest mix to date! So what if it’s barely May, it’s been spring for 6 weeks. We’re all wearing shorts and sandals already even if it’s only in our minds.

This summer we’re excited to work with Cariboo to present the The Hot and Dry Canadian Summer Kick-Off, think of this Mixtape as a companion piece to the upcoming local showcase. After the event, we should have some great media to share with you of the local bands performing, maybe even a completely local Mixcast after-the-fact! As is the case with all our Mixtapes, the main difference from our Mixcasts is there is exactly none of my incessant pontification. All music baby! And you may notice there’s a lot of Young Galaxy on here, one original song and two remixes. Well, why not. I like them and I’m making the mix. The good news is, we aren’t using any music from their brand new album that came out a couple weeks ago, so there’s something thrilling for you to discover.

Side A: The morning is just starting. It’s maybe 11am and you’ve been awake for about an hour. The sun is shinning, maybe you work later, maybe you don’t. Either way, you’re looking to get into the right mood today and this is the mix for it.

Side A: Sun

  1. Shoreless Kid by Young Galaxy
  2. White Doves by Young Empires
  3. You’ll Improve Me (Young Galaxy Remix) by Junior Boys
  4. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It by Stars
  5. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire
  6. Call Me Your Friend (feat. Sandie Black) by The Slakadeliqs
  7. Girls by Kids & Explosions
  8. Drinking In L.A. (JPOD & The Funk Hunters Remix) by Bran Van 3000
  9. Millions by Hannah Georgas
  10. Danse Et Danse by Cœur de Pirate
  11. Be My Baby by Hey Ocean!

Side B: Turns out you have the day off, let’s hit the boat or the beach! Water not your thing? This mix works just as well for a longboard or beer on the patio. You’ve already got positive vibes, now you’ve got attitude to pair with it. You may follow up that first beer of the day with a shot of tequila or jack. This mix is rough around the edges, but aren’t we all?

Side B: Surf

  1. Concentrate On Me by ROCOCODE
  2. Youth Without Youth by Metric
  3. Younger Us by Japandroids
  4. What to Do by Dead Ghosts
  5. Rainbow Road (Little Jungles Garage Mix) by Kingdom Cloud
  6. Royalty by Dinosaur Bones
  7. White Night by Little Girls
  8. Black Hearts by Chains of Love
  9. Firecracker by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Side C: You’ve got to pace yourself in the heat, and this is where the third side of our mixtape comes in. We’re not talking bedtime here, just slowing the day down enough to collect yourself without losing any of the excitement we built through the day. This mix will take you past sunset and help you figure out your plans for the evening. It would never let you go home alone.

Side C: Shade

  1. Snake Charmer (Young Galaxy Remix) by CFCF
  2. Raw Spectacle by Miracle Fortress
  3. All Her Colours by Pick a Piper
  4. M4 (Part II) (The Paronomasiac Remix) by Faunts
  5. Amenamy by Purity Ring
  6. Blue Gowns by Blue Hawaii
  7. The Choke by Austra
  8. Oblivion by Grimes
  9. Even Though (feat. XXYYXX) (Teen Daze Remix) by Giraffage
  10. Maximalist by Av_
  11. Sulk (8 and a Half Remix) by TRUST
  12. Real Goths by Mode Moderne

Remember, if you’re listening to this Mixcast in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad there will be a link to where you can buy these great tracks! If you dig the song it’s only $0.99 in the iTunes store! If you’re an artist hoping to be featured in a future Mixcast please contact me!

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