“Deaner” from FUBAR Interview

It’s funny how days can get turned upside down, this happens especially when you get a chance to call one of Canada’s biggest headbangers… the Deaner a.k.a Paul Spence from FUBAR

I was able to catch him and his band Nightseeker for a phone interview, while they’re taking time off in Montreal, gearing up for a few shows and working on new material.

For those that haven’t heard, the hit mockumentary film FUBAR, came out in 2002 and was filmed on a shoe-string budget in Calgary, Alberta. It follows the lives of two lifelong friends Dean and Terry, who are headbangers and general misfits. I won’t give away more details, if you have yet to see this hilarious film — go check it out along with the sequel FUBAR 2: Balls To The Wall, which was released in 2010. More information here: http://www.fubar-themovie.com

So back to the phone interview, as I impatiently waited until 12:30PM, I finally got to call and heard a hell raising “YEAH?”, as I asked “Hello? Is this Deaner?” “Yeah, who’s this?” I told him I was from Kelowna and about to ask him some questions. “Hi Jeff, you’re from the Okanagan eh? That’s great, I’ve got fond memories of that place.” I’m glad he knew where I was from or this conversation might have ran a bit short.

I went on to ask him how growing up in Calgary was. “Calgary is a real sweet place to be man. There’s a little bit more money there now from when I used to live there, but I got really good memories of growing up there. I remember when a six pack was four or five bucks. Life was deadly back then, there were prides of bangers everywhere, it was sweet. The place where I grew up in the Northeast, people would see us coming and give us extra space on the sidewalk… we kind of ruled the place and it was awesome.” I like that this guy has serious dedication to his lifestyle and old stomping grounds.


My next question was about his new “Warlock” bass guitar, which he recently picked up. “It’s like a wizard staff, it just kind of came to me. I was in a pawn shop one day and I started hearing this song, they were playing some crappy AM radio and I heard a song beneath that song — came up to a shiny, metal object and it was the Warlock. I literally couldn’t look away, I ended up buying it. I guess some guitars are meant for certain people and the Warlock and I were meant to be, there is no doubt about that.That’s awesome, finding a gem like that in a pawn shop is hard to find and would be for me since I play left-handed.

Changing gears from that I wanted to get to know Spence’s inspiration for his character in the films, so I asked him how the Deaner persona came to be. “That’s a hard question, I don’t really know. I’m pretty much the “Deaner” all the time. You know, the “Deaner” is in all of us. Once you have a couple of beers you’re just back to natural really.” Again a great answer, this guy keeps true to who he is and isn’t afraid to show it, that came across very well during this interview.

Wanting to know more, I asked Spence about working up North and his opinions of the oil sands in Alberta now. “I worked on the pipelines for a couple of years, just to make money. It wasn’t like what it’s like today, I was making $14 an hour, pretty good money. But nothing compared to the kinds of money people are making nowadays, they don’t know what to do with all the money they make. Unless they find another way to put gas in the tank, they don’t got too many options either way and I like driving around as much as the next guy.” I definitely agree to some extent, personally I feel that we should find better alternatives, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.


Moving on to the musical side of things I asked Spence about how he got into music, his first guitar and what some of his biggest influences are, this is what he had to say. “Music has been in my blood ever since I first started listening to it. You start to write tunes similar to stuff you like and you’re over at someone’s house, pick up a guitar and just get into it. My first guitar I stole, which is not good but it was a piece of shit anyways. Yeah, I just started jamming on it, so I’d write my own songs and that’s how I started playing. Some of my biggest influences would definitely be Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Van Halen for the lyrics, I really like their lyrics.” Who doesn’t like these bands! I’ll always have an affinity for Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden respectively. They’re classic rock icons…  enough said.

I finished the interview with a question asking Spence about his opinions on the North Korea missile crisis. At first he thought I was talking about Paul Kariya the hockey player, but once we sorted that out, he had quite a lot to say. “Oh yeah with Kim Bang Sang, or whatever. Ha ha, I don’t know it reminds me of sitting in your backyard having a beer and you get hit in the face with a spitball. Some next-door neighbour that is trying to rile you up. But it’s like, oh are you going to go fight him? No, because there’s too much hassle. If it were me, I’d probably try to humiliate him, make out with some super hot chick in front of him and say ‘You happy over there with your spitballs? You can’t even buy beer.'” I laughed out loud at this and couldn’t agree more. The idea of threats in this day and age, seem age-old and redundant.

I just hope nothing happens between now and the concert these guys are playing on April 26th at Flashbacks bar in Kelowna. If you’re around, stop by and get ready to give’r!

For more information on the Deaners band check out this link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/night-seeker/id394007449, see you at the show!

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