Drunk Punk


Let’s start with a song from The Ramones, “Bop Till You Drop” which describes last night quite well… So put that song on and let’s get started. I was on my way to a punk show at Kelowna’s downtown venue, The Habitat. The bands playing this night were: The Wild, Shithawk, Dayglo Abortions and The Casualties.


The only band worth mentioning to check out would be Dayglo Abortions who I sadly missed play. This band has been around for ages, so if you’re a diehard punk fanatic, they’re a good place to start for a Canadian born band. Mind you, if I was going that route, I’d start with D.O.A, who played months ago at Doc Willoughby’s Pub. But anyways, Dayglo Abortions formed in Victoria, Canada in 1979 and released their first album by 1981. For more information on them, visit this link: http://thedaygloabortions.com/bio.html


Taking photos is difficult because the lighting in this venue is tantamount to a dark alley lit by a distance streetlight. That being said, I went back later in the evening and snapped a few shots, witnessed the intense stage dives, rioting, headbanger fans and allover chaos — the epitome of punk as I shot through waving arms, spilled liquor and a raging mosh-pit. The evolution of punk hasn’t changed much and  seemed really stale to me.


For me, punk music has always been about expression which is something I felt was lacking from last night’s bands because their styles felt too generic for my taste. That being said it was nice to be around like-minded people even if they were: stoned, drunk and pissed off. Which is usually how I like them anyways.


All in all, it was another run of the mill punk showdown, in a nice venue. If you had “better” things to do I guess there’s always next time so until then, keep listening to this dying genre and support your local artists!

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