Fashionate: April Showers Bring an Explosion of Flowers!

We got a glimpse of the gorgeous Okanagan summer recently and that sparked a fire in my eyes to retire my dark winter clothes, and my heavy knit sweaters to the back of my closet and clear space for my brightest brights and floral prints.

2013 is introducing explosive floral patterns, and free flowing mint maxi dresses.  Floral has always had a foot print in fashion but this year we are seeing the flirty patterns take center stage. From full 3 piece suits to simple summer dresses you can incorporate it into any aspect of your wardrobe.


Flowers are not the only must have this year, your staple cropped denim is an absolute must. Any colour you choose, there will be one for you!

Whether you are a fashionista, you want to make a statement, or you simply want to look your fabulous self the ultimate MUST have this season is an orange bag. Over-size it, wear it as a clutch, or rock it in a patent leather but this is the ultimate 2013 summer must!

Check out your favourite vintage store FROCK to find a fabulous new bag, or stop by FRAKAS for your next favourite summer dress!

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