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Said the Whale arrive in Kelowna Wednesday, April 3rd as they open for Canadian indie pop royalty STARS. Tickets are available online.

Random Tip: Did you know they have an app that was developed right here in Kelowna? Here is an interview I did with Tyler Bancroft from Said the Whale.

You’re coming off a huge couple of years with the Juno Award for New Group of the Year in 2011, your own documentary, Winning America, the Rockstar Weekly nod in the “Top 12 RockStarts to Watch in 2012” list, and the release of Little Mountain. As we hit the spring of 2013, where are you looking go? Any particular resolutions or goals for this year?
In short, we’re working on a new record, so definitely hoping to put that out this year. We’re about half way done recording. I can’t tell you a lot about it at this point as it hasn’t been decided but after this tour, we’ll head back into studio and hopefully get it done.

You’re playing with Stars at the Kelowna Community Theatre for this concert and must naturally see a synergy between your music and theres. How do you relate to this band and how do you pick the bands you tour with?
We have a choice? We really wanted to get on the tour and we were lucky enough to get it. We’re fans of Stars. We played with them a couple of years ago and Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell watched our entire set that first time. We kept in touch loosely, saw them at parties and stuff like that, and here we are playing with them. So, we’re very honoured.

If you could pick any festival in the world to play what would it be?

You’ve had a number of band members come and go since you started in 2007. How has that helped or hindered the band?
The way I want to answer that question isn’t very nice to the people who have left the band, but I can say every personnel change we’ve had has been an improvement. With that in mind, they’ve also all helped (the band).

When you start a band and your tours really suck, and it’s even more of a struggle than it is now, it’s really easy for someone to figure out if they want to be in a touring band and, in all of those cases, it just wasn’t something those people were into doing…

It’s really easy for you to figure out if you really love it when you’re touring around in a van with ten people or if it’s something you just don’t want to do. Touring is an arduous task; it requires a lot of energy. There’s no hard feelings. They moved on and did what was right for them.

Is there a place the band really likes to go to drum up new songs?
Not normally, but it’s funny you say that because we just did a writing trip to Banff, three of us. It was amazing and it was so productive, and I’m hoping that we can do it again really soon.

You’re well on your way to making it into the big leagues. One day, when Coldplay is opening for you and Madonna is waiting backstage for an autograph, what will you demand in the rider as dressing room nosh?
Hmmm. What do we need? Every time we get our rider fulfilled I’m just so grateful that we have a rider, so to think of what’s missing from that… I wish I was more creative. Maybe an old school Nintendo with some Duck Hunt.

What other artists are on the top of your playlists at the moment?
Digging Chvrches right now; Braids from Montreal; and We are the City from Kelowna. Their new album is finished. I do have a copy of it and it is going to blow people out of the water.

Part of what’s made your career what it is today is your PEAK Performance Project showing. Would it have changed the trajectory of the band if Said the Whale had finished on top instead of second place to Kyprios?
I think we would have had an extra $25,0000 to play with and it might have made things a little less stressful for a few months, but otherwise no.

Anything you want to say to the fans in Kelowna who are coming out to hear you play?
We love Kelowna so much and can’t wait to play there.

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