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We’re way overdue for another In Focus profile! We’ve featured several of John’s pictures for Focus Fridays, so it was only a matter of time before we took a closer look. His landscapes make us want to take more photos, and to see more of our valley.

John has been posting to our I Love the Okanagan group on Flickr for a while now. His shots of Vaseux Lake and McIntyre Bluff really jumped out — he obviously understands the land and light of the South Okanagan. Digging further into his photostream, you find great variety and fascinating abstracts.  John was kind enough to share his pictures with Awesome Okanagan, and answer a few questions about his photographic pursuits.


How did you get started with photography?
Being born and raised in Penticton I started playing around with photography in the late 1980’s with an old Minolta XD11 35mm SLR I inherited from my father. In the early 1990’s I moved to Jasper AB, and learned that I really enjoyed landscape, nature and sport photography.


How about more recently?
In the mid 90’s I moved back to Penticton and bought my first digital SLR a Nikon D70. Digital made learning photography much easier and cheaper for me and I was hooked.


What do you love about taking photos?
I enjoy the challenge of trying to convey a scene,a view or a moment to a viewer that has some impact on them.


How important is the online world for your photography?
I started posting my photos on-line in 2007 as a way to share my efforts with friends and family and was amazed the photographic talent in the Okanagan and with the positive feedback I got back, especially when it was from people I didn’t know.


How else do you share your photos?
In the last couple of years I’ve created several books and calendars of my photography to give out as gifts and that has resulted in me receiving requests for my work from friends of friends and family (very cool).


Any future plans for your photographic pursuits?
Over the next few years I plan to keep doing what I’m doing because I’m enjoying it.


For more of John’s photos, check out:


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