A-OK Mixcast Twenty-One

A-OK Mixcast 21

A-OK Mixcast 21 - Albums

Guys. I’m still coming down off the high from the We Are The City/Nuuka/Belle Game/Hannah Epperson show at the KCT on Thursday. What a beautiful night. What a beautiful temperature. What beautiful people. It was a perfect start to the long-weekend. Now, here we all are, back at work. Bummer.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to live out the remainder of my life — a good 60 or 70 years if my family’s genes are to be believed — laying on a beach with a good BJ. Butler DJ. Y’know, someone to make you food, drinks and pick all the best music for you while you sit there and love life.

But you know what, I love life today because THURSDAY IS THE FIRST NIGHT OF THE HOT AND DRY CANADIAN SUMMER KICK-OFF! Do you have your tickets yet? You can grab them from bands at about $10 (I hear some have a couple left) and at the door before 10pm. $15 after 10, or get a whole weekend pass for $30 now! Some of those artists are even featured this Mixcast, including:

  1. The Sunshine, Girl (Radio Edit) by Van Damsel
  2. Fjords by Nuuka
  3. Legs Give Out by We Are the City
  4. Shadowless by Hannah Epperson
  5. Threads of Light by Oceans Apart
  6. Stolen Boat by My Kind of Karma
  7. Things Fall Apart by Windmills

Remember, if you’re listening to this Mixcast in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad there will be a link to where you can buy these great tracks! If you dig the song it’s only $0.99 in the iTunes store! If you’re an artist hoping to be featured in a future Mixcast please contact me!


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