Fashionate: Dress to Impress – Weddings 2013


With wedding season in full swing what to wear has been a hot topic over the last few weeks. As a general rule of thumb we have a ‘no black’ and a ‘no white’ rule, but what about the rest of the ‘rules’. What is too short, too tight, too low, heels too high, sandals too casual?

The cut and style of the dress important but most of all I would say fabric choice will determine whether or not a dress is suited for the occasion. Try and stay away from a simple cotton dress unless you are planning on dressing it WAY up with accessories, or it happens to be a unique cut and pattern.  A simple chiffon maxi dress is ALWAYS a safe bet for weddings; It will easily take you from daytime ceremony to partying on the dance floor keeping you fabulous the whole way through.

Maxi is not for everybody, and if a hemline above the knees suits your style better keep it classy and keep the short short dress for the dance clubs.  Remember, this is not our day and although we want to look fabulous we have to keep it classy, no plunging neckline if you are blessed with a chest. As a curvier girl myself I like to keep it simple with a wrap dress and a knockout pair of heels or keep my heels to a simple strappy sandal with a more detailed dress.

Hair and accessories play an important role with dressing up for your loved ones special day.  Keep it simple for the laid back beach wedding; beachy, long waves for your hair, or a loose braided bun will complement the setting well. Add a splash of colour with an orange clutch for a chic statement. Add your favourite cocktail ring and you will be set.  The Okanagan can be unbearably hot during the summer, do not over load yourself with accessories only to sweat and be forced to remove them and no place to put them!

More importantly wear something you are comfortable in, this is a time to celebrate and don`t be held off my favourite place, the dance floor, due to an uncomfortable dress!

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