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We have limited opportunities for advertising on A-OK in the traditional sense. We limit ourselves to 4 display advertisers per ad spot per month, and two ads per page. One spot is roughly 25% of monthly traffic for that month long block. If you were our only advertiser that month, one spot would yield 100% of monthly traffic. In addition, we offer sponsorships for postings and our events.

A-OK focuses on local culture, positivity, and sustainability. We really don’t want to sell junk, that’s why we prefer to partner with companies we would use ourselves. What does this mean? It means real attention to the sponsors from our readership. It also means more relevancy for our readers. It’s win-win.

Advertising with A-OK is easy and we’re eager to design the perfect ad or specialized campaign for you. Your ads will link to your website or, as a bonus, can link to a unique, designed page hosted on A-OK. We can draw attention to a special feature before linking to your regular site through this page and can include interactive material such as video, audio, and downloads to maximize results.

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