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Who’s Rockin’ Ben Lee Park in Rutland?

One of my favourite green spaces in Kelowna is Ben Lee Park, just off Leathead. Not only is it a great space for playing outside, but a wonderful peek into the cultural diversity of an awesome part of Kelowna.

If you like to roll…on a skateboard or maybe a BMX, or hey, even a scooter.

There’s a walking path that skirts the entire park. On any given evening, the Ben Lee is bustling with activity…whether it’s families enjoying an awesome evening stroll or run, people playing frisbee, or just cooling off on the grass.  Stop in to one of Kelowna’s most awesome green spaces–Ben Lee Park.

Kelowna Landmark-Overpass!

The Dayton Street Overpass is set for completion in just a few weeks.

K-Town Soccer

What’s up soccer fans! No doubt you’ve passed by one of Kelowna’s green spaces and seen some guys or gals kickin’ around a football. On any given day of the week, the Kelowna Women’s Soccer League (KWSL) holds game nights for ladies who want to improve their soccer skills and compete at their desired level.

There are 5 open-aged divisions, ranging from beginners to highly skilled players. Together with community sponsorship, the league promotes and develops women’s soccer in Kelowna.

Itching to play? The 3rd annual Kelowna Summer Co-Ed Tournament is coming up next weekend, July 24-25th.  Want more deets? Check

Get outside.

Hangin’ in da Park

Stuart Park!

Concrete- metal- water- glass- space. My afternoon in an awesome new waterfront location.