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Who Is Thomas Kjorven?

Thomas Kjorven is the soul sensation from Kelowna, BC. Bringing his smooth, silky vocals and his signature piano grooves, Thomas has quickly become a unique force to be reckoned with.

Alero Music Group is proud to represent Thomas Kjorven and release his new self-titled album, now available on Itunes!

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Artist on Artist Interview: Go For The Eyes

Alero Music Group has a brand new web series that highlights upcoming indie acts with interviews done by singer/songwriter Ange Alero followed by live, in-studio performances.

This week the featured artist is Calgary’s own Go For The Eyes. They crashed for the night at AMG Studios while on a quick tour stop in Kelowna. Ange caught up with them to ask a few questions about their plans and get a stellar, one-time performance of their song “Tambourine”. Let’s just say they busted out a few random instruments from the studio and decided they were going to pull off a totally wacky rendition of their already great rock song.

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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald LIVE with Ange Alero!

Excitement fills me. Why?

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald will be playing a show on September 23, 2010 in Kelowna, BC at Cush Supper Club and I shall be opening for him!

Totally. Effing. Epic.

I’m a big fan of MBF so this is kind of a big deal pour moi. I voted for him to win a Western Canadian Music Award this year for Best Pop Recording for his “The MBF Love EP” and, as you can see below, I’ve posted his video for “Brand New Spaces”.

I highly recommend you check out his videos on YouTube because they will touch you, make you laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Kudos to you Mr. Fitzgerald!

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The New Open Mic Night!

Hey folks,

I’ve been rocking out the past few weeks at a new open mic in town at Bar One (located in the Sandman Hotel). It’s on Thursdays starting at 8PM and there are some sweet food and drink specials ($3.99 pints/$3.99 wings).

A lot of our favourite local musicians have been making appearances road testing some catchy new material. Check out this sweet video that will give you a glimpse into the jolly times ahead!

Peace and love,

Ange Alero