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Sometimes You Just Have To Leap

We moved to the Okanagan from Vancouver in 2008. It was exactly 4 weeks after my husband had accepted a job with a software company in Vernon. And 9 weeks after my husband had gotten a call from the head-hunter that got it all started.

The move to Vernon was a whirlwind. Our friends thought we were crazy. Here we were, two fairly urban Vancouverites with deep roots in the city, suddenly picking up and moving to a small rural town at the north end of the Okanagan Lake. It was an wildly impulsive move, but sometimes your best moves in life are the ones that begin with a leap.

I was born in Vancouver in the mid-70s. The Vancouver I grew up in was really more of a big town than a small city. Heck, the house my parents owned in Kitsilano was located on the same block as a hippie commune. My parents thought nothing of me walking the 3 blocks to the closest corner store. And everyone in the neighbourhood was called in for dinner by a parent yelling from their front door. It was more than just a different time, back then Vancouver was a different city.

Fast forward to me with 3 small children in a 2 bedroom West End Vancouver condo. I found myself pining for the space, the pace, and the relaxed mood of my childhood. I missed the Vancouver I grew up in. I missed that laid back west coast vibe that Vancouver was so famous for, but seemed to have lost.

I was as surprised as any born and bred Vancouverite when I found that laid back groove on a very cold December evening, in the waiting area of the Vernon’s Little Caesar.
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