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Fashionate: Stripes!

While it’s not unusual for the picturesque views and locations of the Okanagan to form the backdrop of innumerable photo-shoots, I can bet you’ve never seen African Safari animals involved!


Recently L.G. photography, hairstylist Melanie Stipdonk and myself teamed up to do a creative shoot at the unbelievably unique Rawhide Ridge Zebra Ranch. With a little help from our friends at Frakas and Nateah Studios, we developed a Warrior Woman Safari setting, right in our own backyard!


As we made our way to the distinctive farm, we were greeted by quietly perched Peacocks. There were Emu’s casually lounging about and the whole feeling it evoked was sublime. We trudged through mud until we finally came to our location, marked by a bold and striking Zebra. I pulled my high heeled gumboots up and we began what was my first-ever Zebra shoot!


Equipped with a gorgeous Mink Pink summer frock, a Mink Pink velvet and lace top; both from Frakas, Leopord print shoes by Steve Madden, and Earrings made by Nateah Studios, we investigated gorgeous, sprawling fields in the hopes of making a little magic happen.


What an opportunity mix real prints and textures together. Adding a pop of colour in a pair of blue shoes, a multi-print dress, or power-clashing leopard and zebra print. Don’t be afraid to wear contrasting colours or prints, just make sure there is one cohesive theme to tie the items together. Frakas is home to some amazing accessories that can help to complete your outfit, whether it’s a colour block bag or a new bib necklace.


Love these killer shots by A-OK contributor Lise Guyot? Follow her photo postings on our blog!

Fashionate: Dress to Impress – Weddings 2013


With wedding season in full swing what to wear has been a hot topic over the last few weeks. As a general rule of thumb we have a ‘no black’ and a ‘no white’ rule, but what about the rest of the ‘rules’. What is too short, too tight, too low, heels too high, sandals too casual?

The cut and style of the dress important but most of all I would say fabric choice will determine whether or not a dress is suited for the occasion. Try and stay away from a simple cotton dress unless you are planning on dressing it WAY up with accessories, or it happens to be a unique cut and pattern.  A simple chiffon maxi dress is ALWAYS a safe bet for weddings; It will easily take you from daytime ceremony to partying on the dance floor keeping you fabulous the whole way through.

Maxi is not for everybody, and if a hemline above the knees suits your style better keep it classy and keep the short short dress for the dance clubs.  Remember, this is not our day and although we want to look fabulous we have to keep it classy, no plunging neckline if you are blessed with a chest. As a curvier girl myself I like to keep it simple with a wrap dress and a knockout pair of heels or keep my heels to a simple strappy sandal with a more detailed dress.

Hair and accessories play an important role with dressing up for your loved ones special day.  Keep it simple for the laid back beach wedding; beachy, long waves for your hair, or a loose braided bun will complement the setting well. Add a splash of colour with an orange clutch for a chic statement. Add your favourite cocktail ring and you will be set.  The Okanagan can be unbearably hot during the summer, do not over load yourself with accessories only to sweat and be forced to remove them and no place to put them!

More importantly wear something you are comfortable in, this is a time to celebrate and don`t be held off my favourite place, the dance floor, due to an uncomfortable dress!

Fashionate: BOHO meets Bollywood – A Gypsy Soul Event

Friday night the girls of Gypsy Soul held their debut fashion show. The models graced the stage at a local nightlife hot spot; Cabana Bar and Grille!


The house was full and the vibes were hippie-boho with a true Kelowna twist! Brandi Dea and Chelsea McKinley showed off their new summer collection just in time for festival season. Headpieces were a common factor with every girl in the show and I was loving every second of it. From gorgeous silk head scarves to sexy beaded turbans each piece adds a unique and trendy twist to the hot bohemian style.

Photo by Lise Guyot

Photo by Lise Guyot

The ultimate festival must have this year is the crochet bikini, show off your sexy curves and pair it with a maxi-skirt or your favourite pair of silk pocket pants from Gypsy Soul.

Foot, leg and arm jewelery add a boho twist to any outfit and will look ultra cool as you are jamming at Keloha 2013!

The girls and I from Loyal Hair Therapy teamed up to show off our favourite  summer hair for 2013. We are loving careless big hair, fish tails and of course pulled apart undone braids! Pair any of these looks with a wide brim sun hat, or of course your favourite Gypsy Soul head piece and you will be set for the sun! Just don`t forget your sunscreen!


Fashionate: From the Guys’ Eyes

A few weeks ago I got into a heavy text message conversation with a very dear old friend regarding a new lady friend he had met. I am not one to judge but he was being a little shallow, judging her based on her haircut and clothing choices. He is a very sweet guy, and I think we are all guilty of quick judgement but he was accusing her on trend choices of being unappealing to him. This got me thinking, what does the other gender actually think of our favourite summer trends? Not that I am one to care what other people think I thought it would be a fun little experiment.

I decided to take a survey of various different guys to get their take on some of the hottest trends in hair and fashion right now. I did this for fun, and after the survey I think most of these men need a lesson in style!

I asked their take on: Mint Green, Ombre, Maxi Dresses, Coloured denim, Wavy Hair, straight Hair, Aztec, Bangs, and Braids.


None of the guys new what a maxi dress was, but once explained the majority said no they like to see ‘a little calf’. News flash boys, Maxi dresses show off other assets and they can can take a casual day look to evening with the swap of your shoes! Best summer outfit around.

Coloured denim was a shocker, majority ruled a dislike! The feedback was they only like it when the jeans fit right and at least look expensive. Agreed, coloured jeans are all about how you wear them.

I may as well have been speaking gibberish when I asked the men about Aztec, so I came up empty handed on their opinion. I love this trend, you can add a little or a lot whether it is a full Aztec skirt, or a cute patterned bag to complete your outfit! BLONDE on Bernard is a great place to hit up your favourite Aztec outfit for the upcoming festival season.

Mint Green: A few of the guys said absolutely not, but majority ruled they loved it. Most stated they love a nice fitting Mint Green dress. Lucky for me I just picked up a gorgeous Mint Green chiffon dress from FRAKAS.

Ombre was yet another term unknown, this led me to believe these boy need some fashion school. After a lengthy explanation majority ruled it looks like you need your hair done. Get with the program gents, this is another trend here to stay! The girls (and guys) at LOYAL HAIR THERAPY are Ombre and Balyage pro’s! We believe it’s all about getting the right colour and placement for your hair type in order for your balayage or Ombre to look perfect.

Braids were split right down the middle, some said they felt like they were dating a 14 year old girl, where others said it was effortlessly sexy. Personally I love them and think it completes your summer look. When asked if they preferred wavy or straight hair, it was pretty split, most like both. I agree I think both are great looks depending on the occasion, just remember girls, experiment and try something new!

Bangs are a hot trend right now and I truly believe they are not for everybody, but on the right person a full fringe with a long hair cut is so perfect. The boys on the other hand, don’t love them at all. They said it makes them feel like they are dating their little sister.

There is a lesson to be learned today, we need to educate our men! Teach them that our styles are an expression of who we are and that is what makes us ‘hot.’ We love what we love and they need to get with the program. Let’s face it, we’ll never stop rocking our our favourite threads! Whatever your style, whoever you want to be, never let the opinions of others effect how you dress or how you feel. Love yourself for who you are. If you want to wear a Mint Green maxi dress with a gorgeous fish tail braid then rock it out sisters!

Fashionate: Happy Birthday Frakas!


We have many reasons to the past few weeks here in the gorgeous Valley so many of us call home. We have been blessed with scorching heat, gorgeous sunshine and last night I attended Frakas 10 year anniversary party!

Originally opening their doors in Saskatoon, Frakas landed in the Okanagan 5 years ago and has been a fashionista’s haven ever since.

The clothes range from fun and flirty to gorgeous dresses that will fit any occasion, and lets not forget about the best accessory collection in town!

Last night’s experience was no different; the moment you walk through the doors, one of the many bubbly knowledgeable girls that work there happily greet you, making you feel as though you are a life long friend. They are always so helpful and are excellent at recommending the perfect garment for you. They listen to the needs of the guest, and they deliver results!

Kelowna carries a reputation that there is nowhere good to shop. Being a hairstylist, I hear guests complaining about it daily, and I remind them, daily that we have great gems in the city, and Frakas tops that list. Hailing clothes from New York to L.A. all the latest trends are among the racks of the cute boutique located in mission park.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a friend, looking for one piece or a whole new wardrobe, this is the place for you! Cheers to 10 more year and beyond Frakas!


Fashionate: Okanagan Thrifting

Thrift shopping can be a great way to shop on a budget. It can also your ticket to fabulous finds and high-end clothing that might be otherwise beyond our means.

Pop culture has proved to be very influential with our generation, and in recent years thrift shopping has gone from embarrassing to the hippest trend around. I have always been a fan; it feels like you’ve just won the lottery when you find something amazing.

You need to go into any thrift/second hand store with a purpose and you need to be prepared to search; search through the racks once, and then again and maybe a third time. There is that special something just waiting for you to take home.


Scarves, Coats, Sweaters and vintage bags are among my favourite thrift store finds. I love searching for a vintage coat that you wouldn’t find in stores nowadays, or the perfect giant grandpa sweater—that a grandpa most likely dropped off.

The very best find are those great luxury items that snuck into the stores and somehow stayed on the hanger long enough for us to find! Burberry Coats, Prada purses or Chanel—well Chanel anything. That’s the moment of thrift shopping that makes all hours of digging and searching all worth it.

A few helpful hints before you hit the pavement: If you have something in mind you are looking for, scope out the stores in your area, some second hand stores are consignment, and you will generally find your higher end clothing here. The big stores tend to have more volume, lesser value, but none the less great finds! Always remember to hit the accessory/bag section, somebody’s trash will most defiantly be your treasure! Have fun and enjoy a resourceful and environmentally way of shopping!

Fashionate: April Showers Bring an Explosion of Flowers!

We got a glimpse of the gorgeous Okanagan summer recently and that sparked a fire in my eyes to retire my dark winter clothes, and my heavy knit sweaters to the back of my closet and clear space for my brightest brights and floral prints.

2013 is introducing explosive floral patterns, and free flowing mint maxi dresses.  Floral has always had a foot print in fashion but this year we are seeing the flirty patterns take center stage. From full 3 piece suits to simple summer dresses you can incorporate it into any aspect of your wardrobe.


Flowers are not the only must have this year, your staple cropped denim is an absolute must. Any colour you choose, there will be one for you!

Whether you are a fashionista, you want to make a statement, or you simply want to look your fabulous self the ultimate MUST have this season is an orange bag. Over-size it, wear it as a clutch, or rock it in a patent leather but this is the ultimate 2013 summer must!

Check out your favourite vintage store FROCK to find a fabulous new bag, or stop by FRAKAS for your next favourite summer dress!

Fashionate: VFW Update

Vancouver Fashion Week is in full swing and we have seen some beautiful designs so far! Feminine pieces and gorgeous colours! Here is a look at some of my favourites…