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UBC-O MG This Place is Awesome

I went up to the UBC-Okanagan campus last week to check out a prospective job and was blown away by the massive developments to the campus.

For those of you who remember what it was like to walk from class to class at the OUC campus, you’ll recall three or four main buildings and a virtual parking nightmare. In 2005, the province announced a plan that would see over a $450 million expansion to the campus that included a new science building, a new University Center, Engineer and Management building, a second Arts and Sciences building, and a Medical School building. This expansion is meant a support a target  of 7,500 full-time students AND 500 graduate students. Making UBC-Okanagan the biggest of the small Canadian Universities.

Designers for this expansion have done a terrific job integrating new ideas and designs into the classic red brick theme of the pre-existing OUC buildings.

Check out the photos of this awesomeness

All of us here at A-OK wish the new and returning students a great semester and the best of luck in the coming year.

We hope to see you at all the fantastic events and experience what makes the Okanagan awesome.

Okanagan Set for Another Successful Pride!

As the Okanagan celebrated a very successful Pride this week, we are reminded of the truth that many of the LGBT communities around the world are forced to hide their identity in shame.

On Wednesday, August 11, Okanagan Pride kicked off its annual celebration with a screening of the documentary  “Beyond Gay: The Politics of Gay Pride”. The film told the story of Vancouver Pride Director Ken Coolen as he traveled the globe to discover the festival’s origin as a movement for LGBT rights (see below for trailer).

The documentary featured interviews from international pride organizers and human right activists who expressed their views on the pride movement. The film captured the fear and bravery of individuals and groups who organized Moscow’s first successful pride march and Warsaw’s controversial pride despite death threats and mobs of protesters.  This event was a sobering reminder of how important pride festivals are to the preservation and progression of human and civil rights.

How lucky we are to live in a place that is free to celebrate Pride! =)