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Make it Light All Day

Summer was never my favourite season growing up. It was too hot for me to wear my standard uniform of a hoodie and jeans, and my parents expected me to, like, do stuff just because it was nice out. I know, total child abuse. For years, I spent as little time as I could in the heat. I made friends based on whether or not they had air-conditioning and if they’d let me come over whenever I wanted to lay over an air vent with the blinds closed. Needless to say, my friends group was somewhat limited.

Kasugai Gardens

However, summer in the Okanagan is an entirely different animal. After living here for 6 years, I’m still not over how spectacularly beautiful this place is. Really, look around you at the unbelievable mountains, shimmering lake, and gorgeous greenery. Try to tell me that you don’t feel “at one with nature” or something similarly saccharine.

In the dead of winter, when I’m longing for summer most, there are a few Okanagan delights that I crave in particular: driving down to Sun-Oka for a day of lounging in the hot sand, followed by a stop in Penticton for the most incredible fish tacos from Salty’s Beach House.

Salty's Beach House

Or spending a beautiful, sunny afternoon with friends on the Greenroom patio, ordering pitcher upon pitcher of sangria and later walking off the afternoon buzz with some impulsive shopping.

Wandering around City Park for hours, watching the ecclectic locals with their hula hoops and hookah pipes and hand-made jewellery. Finding a shady spot in the grass to take in one of the dozens of live shows that take place during the Parks Alive! Festival.

City Park

Strolling down sunny South Pandosy with an iced mocha from the adorably eclectic Marmalade Cat Café, browsing the craft fairs and the Wardrobe for vintage treasures.

And, of course, wine-tastings. So very many wine-tastings.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Hit me up with your recommendations in the comments!

Burger 55: Heaven in My Mouth

It doesn’t look like much. A tiny stand-alone shop with a few picnic tables outside for seating and a laissez-faire approach to parking, Penticton’s Burger 55 is a little underwhelming at first sight. Step inside, though, and you’ll find yourself reminded of that old adage “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Grab a clipboard and be prepared to make some serious choices. Choose your patty. Choose your bun. Cheese. Sauces. Premium sauces. Toppings. PREMIUM TOPPINGS. I’ve never felt so in control of my life before.

I wanted to take a picture of my masterpiece of a burger (there was definitely guacamole involved), but I had one bite and couldn’t stop. I recommend getting a side of the absolute best onion rings you’ll ever have in your life, and some Anarchist Amber Ale to wash it all down.

And, bonus, the soundtrack they had going on was pretty incredible. Some old Ludacris to go with my meal? Yeah, okay.

Hot Hot Heat & friends @ the Habitat

What did you do Monday night? If you weren’t at the Habitat enjoying a delish doublevodkaclubsodawithalime (or four) and some piping hot nachos, you missed out on a little show put on by Rich Aucoin, Hey Rosetta!, and Hot Hot Heat. Sucks for you.

I need to make some apologies to Aucoin, because I was a little skeptical of his whole crowd interaction thing at first; I like to warm up to a guy before I commit to any kind of dancing or singing along. That said, I was completely won over by the end of the set. I mean, he brought out a parachute! Remember playing with parachutes in elementary school? And the joy that brought to your young little heart? Yeah, you do.

Hey Rosetta! were fantastic, I guess, if you’re into that really sweeping, beautiful kind of music that makes you want to just close your eyes and immerse yourself in. Not everyone’s jam, I know, but by far my favourite part of the evening.

And congratulations to Hot Hot Heat for actually getting me out of my seat (on my fourthish drink and all) to dance. “Talk to Me, Dance with Me”? So good. SO GOOD.

Pics courtesy of Brandon William Fletcher.

Deli City Cafe

Last week, my sister and I were looking to try somewhere new for lunch. When asked what I was in the mood for in an effort to narrow down our search field, my response was simply “Sandwiches.” I love them. For real, given the option, I would eat savoury meat, cheese, sauce and veggies nestled between two thick, fresh, toasty pieces of bread for every meal of the day.

We ended up at Deli City Cafe, which I’ve never even heard of, but the reviews were positive. And with good reason. Though the decor is a little dated and the location not exactly prime, the sandwiches, you guys. The sandwiches. They have a great selection to choose from. I went with the Cobb, because there is nothing I love more than the combination of bacon and avocado on a sandwich. So good. And they source as often as possible from local, sustainable farms, so you’re eating deliciously and doing a solid for local farmers. Rad!

Grab a bunch of these and iced coffees, a blanket, and head down to your favourite park for some impromptu picnicking and people-watching.

In lieu of a picture, we have a song!