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BC Historic Hotels Series: The South Okanagan

BC Historic Hotels

A pretty incredible view at our history, straight out of the Glen A Mofford Collection. A collage of a selection of historic hotels from Osoyoos to Naramata – most long gone include the Fairview, the Rialto, the Kaladen, the Reopel, the Incola, the Prince Charles, the Okanagan Falls and Three Gables Hotels.

We got this little gem sent to us on Twitter yesterday. This isn’t even quite all of them! Click the image or this link to see history in all it’s glory.

Collection by flickr user glenalan54.

Festival in a Box

Carboard Box

Is nothing happening at your favorite venues? Do you take walks through public parks by yourself and sit down on their benches just because there’s nothing better to do? Why not make the party happen where you are by livening up those desolate parks and distinguish them from the solemn cemeteries across the street? This is exactly what local artist Corie Waugh did this Saturday at Knowles Heritage Park on the corner of Bernard and Ethel. What started out as a course project suddenly grew into something much more ambitious and involved.


An experiment in the use of public space and community, the event involved what could be described as a portable venue. Unpacked from the back of her vehicle and set up by hand was the shell of a shelter that would soon be transformed into a vibrant hub for all kinds of creativity and talent. What was this foldable haven you may be wondering? It was a cardboard “house” complete with a door and a window. The ceiling consisted of a tarp that was set up during the short hail and rain that befell the party twice that day, and though the weather may have dampened the cardboard it did not dampen the spirits of the attendees.

Cardboard Box 2

The interior walls of the structure were decorated with art pieces submitted by a dozen artists, sound equipment was set up on one side, and a piece of cardboard lying on the grass acted as the stage. When the sun was shining and the hail had ceased the rooftop was simply retracted to create that sensation of being at an open air performance while simultaneously being indoors.


Performances were all voluntary, put on in a sort of open mic fashion. There were almost a dozen of them ranging across many varied disciplines. A performance art piece put on outside of the box (figuratively and literally) by performance artists Scott Mendonca and Kevin Jesuino (award nominee at the Okanagan Arts Awards being held March 2nd) involved them walking conspicuously around the park while having a conversation over cell phones.  At the end it was revealed to the somewhat bemused onlookers that the performance was in fact a critique on private conversations in public spaces. Acts inside the box (literally, not figuratively) involved many musical and spoken word performances.


The parks tenebrous silence was lifted with zesty music put on by:

  • Liam Park
  • Jeff Ellum
  • Joshua Theobold
  • Sami Al-Khalili
  • Andrew Edwards
  • Colin Shand

Intoxicating spoken word performed by:

  • Nathan Hare
  • Nygel Metcalfe
  • Minka Wolanski
  • Cherie Hanson

And delicate visual morsels provided by:

  • Jeff Ellum
  • Heather Leier
  • Hanss Lujan
  • Julia Prudhomme
  • Anthony Ross
  • Jena Stillwell
  • Kristoff Steinruk
  • Dean Krawchuk
  • Abbey Cipes
  • Kelsi Barkved
  • Sylvia Miranda
  • Corie Waugh


The line-up was all local and can be found around town being active in their pursuits at places like the Rotary Center for the Arts and events such as Inspired Word Café (which I intend to cover in the future!).


If you’re wondering how you missed such an interesting convention it’s because it was not widely advertised except mostly through word of mouth. Hopefully this article will motivate you to get more involved in your local art community or start making some waves yourself. Next time you feel like complaining that “nothing ever happens around here”, just remember to think outside the box!

Cardboard Box 3

Christmas Decorating Joy at Hot Holiday Homes

Last night (Friday) I toured Ballet Kelowna’s fundraiser, Hot Holiday Homes.  If you love home design, interior design or Christmas decorating this is a do NOT miss event.  So much fun and so very well done.  The tour is of beautiful private homes in Kelowna. Here are six homes this year and you have five hours to complete your self guided tour (it took my group a little bit more than three hours).

There is only one more night this year and that is tonight, Saturday November 12 from 4 pm to 9 pm so pick up your tickets at one of the following: Art Knapp, Bylands, LBV Design Dress Décor, olive & elle, Picture Perfect, Rick’s Garden World. All funds raised go to Ballet Kelowna.

Lindon House B&B The Gorgeous Last Stop at Hot Holiday Homes

There are plenty of tastings along the tour including wine from Quail’s Gate, bubbly from Summerhill and tasty spirits from Kelowna’s new boutique distellery, Urban Distilleries.

Mike Urban of Kelowna's Urban Distilleries was Handing out Delicious Tastings

Many local businesses, large and small sponsor Hot Holiday Homes including Re/Max Kelowna, Shannon Holand Photography, and FortisBC, who provided 290 strings of LED lights- that is more than 20,000 bulbs!  There are professionaly decorated Christmas trees in each home that will be on display at Kelowna Community Theatre until they are sold by auction.

Garlands of Light at Hot Holiday Homes

Meeting Place

how many times has this sculpture been photographed?

A House is a Home

As far as cities go, Kelowna is still pretty young, we’re still building our his/herstory (even right here, right now on this community blog!). That isn’t to say we don’t have history to show off, this part of the world was here before we came, and will be after. But it’s definitely the parts after we showed up I’m interested in today.

Houses like the one pictured here from Abbott Street show off that the Okanagan wasn’t just Awesome recently, it always has been! Referencing the Bauhaus movement that start in Germany in the late ’10s and early ’20s that made its way here in the ’30s. There are only a few houses in the Okanagan that I’ve seen built in this style, but they’re pretty great. They remind me of men in zoot-suits, women in pearls, and a full band performing every night at some swanky club while folks sip their cocktails and dance the night away.

Focus Friday: UBCO Reflection


Considering the size and impact of the UBCO campus in Kelowna, it’s odd that we occasionally forget about it. Maybe it’s because the campus is outside the city, but it’s central to the thousands of students and staff who work and learn there. Another reason the Okanagan is awesome!

Complicated, Eh? by jamica1

Kelowna Can-struction 2011 is a success

Canstruction® Kelowna is a competition held by the Society for Design Administrators to build structures out of non perishable food items. The structures are then judged and the food donated to the Salvation Army and the Kelowna Community Food Bank.

It is a partnership between The Rotary Club of Kelowna, The Kelowna Community Food Bank, The Salvation Army and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

This year event was a success with 20 000 cans that will help to feed those in need.

Winners were announce this Saturday at the Ochard Park Mall.

To get involved or to be a part of Can-struction Kelowna as a team, sponsor or volunteer, contact Mike Wilding at 250.454.9053.

Okanagan Medicine Cabinet

For this post I wanted to share something simply Okanagan… A little taste of my interests in design, architecture, and wine with a little hint of what I love about Okanagan sensibilities.

The following is a local architect’s “medicine cabinet”. Truly Okanagan! Check out more at

Now you know what to do if your feeling under-the-weather in the Okanagan