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Winter Love, New Year

We are so fortunate to live in a place with secret spots so close, like Bear Creek.

Christmas Market + Art Show, This Weekend!

bottega_xmas_posterBo.ttega Farm Inn is proud to be hosting their second annual Christmas Market & Art Show Saturday, December 15th & Sunday the 16th from 11am – 4pm. Over the two days, the festive market will feature some of the Okanagan’s Finest Artists, Crafters & Musicians all set in the heart of beautiful South East Kelowna. Christmas Carols will be echoing through the halls courtesy of local musicians, and you will find savoury European baking, Glog wine, artisan coffee and stollen bread to warm you up while you explore Bo.ttega.

The two day event will include over 35 vendors; Wineries, Food Crafters, Artists & Crafters. Last year saw more than 1,500 people take part in this family friendly event, so come and enjoy the spirit of the season!

Admission is $2, children are free. All proceeds to the Kelowna Food Bank.

For more info go to

Bo.ttega 4485 Sallows Road. S.E. Kelowna V1W 4C2 Canada GOOGLE MAP LINK

A few shots taken by Darren Hull at the 2011 Bottega Christmas Market



Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter English Channel Training

Winter has arrived. This means our training for the English Channel has had to move inside until the spring. Or at least our swimming has moved inside:

Paul acclimatizes to the cold. Photo by Angelique Duffield

Even though we’re no longer swimming in the lake, we still have to try to stay acclimatized to colder temperatures so that we will be less likely to get hypothermia in the Channel. As can be seen above, Paul has cheekily taken to reading his paper out in the snow. I walk my dog without a jacket and keep my house at a balmy 15 degrees, which means that my dog is now modeling the latest in doggy sweaters on a daily basis. (That’s right, my dog is now wearing more winter clothing than I am. I do see the ridiculousness in this.)

Meanwhile, in the pool, we’re all working on bettering our technique to help prevent injuries and get us moving faster in that cold Channel water. We also just had our first swim meet of the year to test our speed. The Okanagan Masters Swim Club hosted Fright Fest over the Halloween weekend. Part of the tradition of the meet is that the last relay event is done with everyone in costume. This often leads to hilarious results with people’s costumes falling off and creating havoc as they try to swim. Anyone who thinks that swim meets are scary or intensely serious should come watch. It would completely change your perspective.

Look, I know this post seems rather silly. And training for the Channel is serious business. Unprepared swimmers have died attempting the channel. Come January we all have to pass a physical. To prepare, we’re all doing a lot of swimming, and most of us are doing dryland training in the gym as well. But as seriously as we take our training we have to enjoy our moments of silliness and fun along the way. It’s the fun that makes all the hard work worth it.

(Speaking of fun, Paul’s blog about training for the Channel has been nominated for the Best Canadian Sports Blog. It survived the first round of voting to make it to the final round. Please consider clicking on this link and voting for Nothing Great is Easy under the Best Sports Blog category. You don’t have to register or anything. A vote for his blog is a vote for a local guy who’s willing to sit outside in a speedo in winter. That’s worth your click right?)

Jeremy Jones’ Further – “The Journey is the Reward”

Award winning producers Teton Gravity Research are pleased to announce Further, the second installment in the Jeremy Jones snowboard movie trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher, presented by O’Neill.

Further will explore some of the world’s most remote mountain terrain while continuing Jones’ mission to camp deep in the backcountry and on the summits of unridden lines to access nearly vertical spines and wide-open powder fields. Join Jeremy and his crew as they push their minds and bodies Further.

This film will be premiering at The Paramount Theatre in Kelowna on Wednesday, October 3rd with tons of great prizes like a Day of Heli-boarding from Eagle Pass Heliskiing, A Jones Hovercraft Splitboard, lift tickets to Whitewater Ski Resort and more! A portion of the proceeds donated to the Canadian Avalance Centre and the Alpine Club of Canada – Okanagan Section

Tickets available at

Where: The Paramount Theatre (261 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna)
When: Wednesday, October 3rd – 6:30 PM
How Much: $12 advance, $15 door
For: Everyone

Facebook Page
Facebook Event

RTOWN: Snowshoe Sam’s Pub at Big White Ski Resort

Located in the heart of Big White’s alpine village, Snowshoe Sam’s is known for its distinct character and vibrant apres scene. Sam’s is twice voted: “Best Apres Ski Bar in North America”

But Baby It’s Cold Outside

Mya and I visited a few different places in Kelowna, asking business owners and workers what they do to stay warm during the cold winter months in the Okanagan.

Music by Young Galaxy, their song “Peripheral Visionaries”

Flu Season in the Okanagan – What can be done naturally?

It is nearing the end of February and the ‘Flu’ has officially made its presence known in the Okanagan. During the flu season people are home sick grappling with fever, chills, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue. As the flu is the result of a viral infection, antibiotics will not help as they are only effective against bacterial infection. Therefore, the usual medical advice is to stay home, get rest and drink plenty of fluids. This is good advice, but there is more that can be done to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms of an active infection. Here are a couple of effective suggestions:

“Feed a fever, starve a cold.” What this means is one should not (usually) suppress a fever. This seems contrary to the usual recommendation but it is important to understand that the increase in body temperature actually allows the body’s metabolism to increase. This amplifies the immune system’s ability to grow faster and fight the infection. As well, invading organisms replicate and grow best when our body temperature is normal, which is between 36.5 and 37.5 C. When the body temperature increases, the resulting fever stunts the ability of the virus to replicate. A typical fever is considered to be between 37.5 to 38.9 C. Temperatures above 40 C can be life threatening, so monitor closely, as further action may be required.

If you are already sick or feel like you are becoming sick but have not yet had a fever, here is what to do: Boil some water in your tea kettle. Mince a clove of garlic (antimicrobial) and shred some ginger (heats up the body) into a pot. Add the boiling water and when steeped, drink 2 cups. Even better, drink your tea while relaxing in a hot bath. Immediately after, put on full pyjamas or a sweat suit and crawl into bed. Doing this will feed the fever, starve the cold.

In addition to these home recommendations there are several effective immune boosting supplements which can be taken to prevent or speed up recovery from the flu. Furthermore, the Natural Flu Shot, which is a combination of vitamins and complex homeopathics, is another option that can help support the body’s natural defence systems and either prevent the flu or limit its duration and severity. For more information on the use of supplements and/or in learning more about the Natural Flu Shot visit

Read the full article at

All About LOVE!

What isn’t to love about love?

I can feel the dirty look coming my way from some, and the hopeless romantics swooning!

The is week on 52NEW we talk heart, flowers and asking the big question; Will you marry me!

My job has plenty of cool perks including, concert tickets, sporting events, gala’s, meeting awesome people, and on occasion helping true love flourish!  SUN FM did a contest in which we offered the chance for some one to propose in front of a full house during 1st intermission at a Rockets hockey game.

Matt was up for the challenge! What made this truly special was that upon meeting Matt I realized that this was FAR away from anything that would be expected from Matt. Matt is a funny, sweet guy with a great smile and easy way.. but you got the feeling that grand gestures in front of thousands of people might not be his usual status quo.

Matt had to flat out lie to his girlfriend, he told her that he had a chance to win a trip to Mexico, but both of them would be on-ice during the Rockets game and she would be blindfolded and would have to find him on the ice!

Matt let the Dad’s in on the excitement and they helped make sure that another family event (sisters birthday party) was moved so everyone could join in the fun!

Fun it was.

Poor Matt was as white as the ice as his soon to be fiance was running around the ice blindfolded and searching for him.. the moment that blindfold came off and Sara saw him down on one knee.. magic happened.


I was there with a microphone, catching the moment and watching their special connection play out on front 6500 people, including the crying SUN FM promotions department, but inside in one brief moment I remembered the love that had been and was in my life.

From the first school yard crush, to my first french kiss at Camp Couchaching. From watching Scotty Myers play hockey and Nicky Taylor breaking my heart. From my Dad offering to beat up Lawrence for dumping me to Vince taking me out on the motorcycle (much to my Mother’s horror) From my first husbands drunk proposal to my current husbands surprise proposal and every other moment my heart skipped a beat or came to a full stop and broke.

In a single instant, as Matt waited for a “yes” from Sara my heart ran the marathon of love that it had lived up till this moment.
My life has been filled with so much love. Passionate, turbulent, nervous, gentle and all encompassing love.

My heart sang as Sara said yes and the crowd roared approval.

What an honour to be included in such a joyous moment!

52NEW on this Valentines week is a reminder that love can be cruel and love can be kind but it is up to us to embrace it and let it in to our life.

Thank you Matt and Sara, and congratulations as you continue down the road that love has paved for you.

Watch it all happen here: Matt and Sara