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Cream 6 Year Anniversary

The night started off cool and still as a Pharaoh’s tomb. A gold tinge had fallen over the room, bartenders and early event goers alike seemed surprisingly at ease when a mummy on stilts and a belly-dancer in couture took the stage.

It wasn’t long before we were treated to another mummy and a high priest practicing tactile juggling. The night was beginning to heat up as Cream Hair and Makeup Lounge took over the Habitat for a sixth year in a row to show their appreciation to their customers. There were close to 20 models, a packed house and a lot of Egyptian couture to go around. I want Mel and Curtis to plan my birthday party…

Photography by Jeff Willard.

The Sun is Out

After some rainy days and more snow than usual, Kelowna finally had a nice weekend with sunshine all around.

At the Mission Creek Greenway, everyone seemed to enjoy the great weather. Walking with kids or dogs, getting ready for the jogging season ahead, only smiles and positive energy was emerging from people.

Hopefully, we will see more and more nice temperature with the spring season coming.

To go walk, run or just hang out at the Mission Creek park, have a look at this website for more information.

Nathalie Godin

Focus Friday: Kelowna Dock

Kalamalka Lake

We’re on that seasonal roller coaster between winter and spring, getting teased with warmth for a few days and then waking up to snow. Embracing the beauty of the season seems to temper that disappointment.

Kalamalka Lake by Eamon Murphy

A-OK Mixcast Six: 10 Best Shows of 2010

Welcome back! It’s been too long. I was feeling nostalgic and felt like I could still get away with posting a top 10 list from 2010, so I’ve picked songs from my favorite 10 shows of the year to post here! They consist of:

1) There Is XXXX (Within My Heart) by You Say Party
2) Peripheral Visionaries by Young Galaxy
3) The Iceberg by The Sadies
4) Your Ghost by Hannah Georgas
5) 1000 Years by Yukon Blonde
6) No Talking by The Zolas
7) Can’t Shake It by Kate Miller-Heidke
8) Suzie (I Love You) by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
9) None Shall Sleep by Pepper Rabbit
10) Last Night by Aidan Knight and Debra Jean (Download this track for Free!)

And remember guys, if you dig the song it’s only $0.99 on iTunes!
Photography by Flickr user kcezary.

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Public Skating – Stuart Park

Stuart Park opened for ice skating Tuesday December 27th(?) and has been packed since, or at least every time this author has walked by.

Stuart Park is part of the expansion of parks & spaces in Kelowna and we’re very excited to see this happen! You can learn more about Stuart Park from the City of Kelowna’s website.

Spotted! The Best Things…

The Following

Was Spotted


I don’t particularly enjoy bumper stickers myself, I think most cars can do without them but that’s a personal aesthetic choice for me, it has nothing to do with the messages or motivations of bumper stickers. That being said, I came across this bumper sticker during a backyard Holiday barbecue this winter. Maybe I gave this sticker a littler more attention then others because the car wasn’t idling in front of me, but seeing things in a different light or from another perspective is always nice. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed this sticker enough to snap a picture to keep as a positive reminder to start of the new year.

Focus Friday: Orchard Shack

The valley seems so black and white these days. Looking forward to the colour seeping  back into the landscape as the days get longer.

Summerland Orchard Shack by Andrew //

Downtown Kelowna in Winter

It’s been a beautiful couple of days here in Kelowna, what’s the rest of the A-OK looking like?