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Mission Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park Open

Sunday saw the opening of the Mission Creek Mountain Bike Skills Park, located on a 3.4 hectare site at 1960 Hollywood Rd South, the park features a pump track and six dirt jump lanes progressing from beginner to expert. I don’t know a lot about Mountain Biking (or at all really) so what I’m recounting is based off what I heard on the CBC and what I’ve read on Castanet (if you’re interested in reporting on Mountain Biking or Skateboarding in Kelowna, contact me) but it sounds like a pretty exciting venture.

The city worked with some of the sports top riders while developing the site. It was important for it to be relevant to everyone, having runs for the amateur and beginners but still offering something to pro bikers to continuously challenge themselves with. I see this is a great opportunity for Kelowna, kids in Kelowna, and MTB in Kelowna in general, we’re excited to see what comes of this and Kelowna Is Awesome looks forward to reporting on it in the future!

Here’s a video posted last fall/winter discussing what would become of the project (hoping to have some photos soon!)

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Pedal Powered Urban Farming – Green City Acres

Green City Acres is a pedal powered urban farming/edible landscaping company dedicated to sustainable food production. They utilize back yards and urban spaces to grow organic produce for local distribution. Possibly a first in the Okanagan, they use their bikes and trailers for all farming operations including farm maintenance, transportation of crops, restaurant deliveries, weekly farmers markets, and moving of a 300 lb. rototiller. Their mission? To foster environmental and social change through the production of local organic food, with minimal use of fossil fuels, and to help, teach, and empower people to start growing their own.

Own a local restaurant? They mention they’re still looking to supply a few more restaurants for this season and along with your weekly produce orders, they offer a free compost pick-up/drop-off service. All your kitchen vegetable scraps will be composted on their farm sites to be eventually used as soil amendments for future crops. More about the composting program here.

You can find Green City Acres at the Kelowna farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday. For more information about Green City Acres, including the varieties of produce available, how to see a garden in your space, and how to contact them for supplying your restaurant, please visit or follow them on Facebook.

That ’70s Party

Mel makes us laugh so hard. Take a trip through the time machine to a place when men were hairy(er) and women weren’t afraid to tear their houses apart, just for a cold bevvy!

Lee + Michele – A Lucha Libre Wedding

Need more examples of how Awesome the Okanagan is? Tim Feeny has actually filmed and documented footage.

Hoop workshop hosted by California’s KIT!!

Really awesome news for Hoop enthusiasts in Kelowna. The lovely Veronica “KIT” will be hosting a 2 hour workshop at Rotary Park Beach on Tuesday August 10 from 7PM to 9PM.

Veronica is a trained and world renowned circus performer with a wide range of skills and abilities. She is regarded as one of the best fire spinners. She travels the world showcasing her electrifying stunts and at the same time promoting hoop dance as a form of exercise. She has worked with Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, Jessica Biel, has toured with Britney Spears, and appeared on CSI NY, Budweiser Superbowl commercial, & the Jimmy Kimmel show. She is able to perform the art of fire eating, fire breathing, LED and fire hula hoop dancing, double staff, buugeng, fire baton, poi, and fire hoop minis.

This is all very impressive stuff and I plan to attend even though I am really not skilled with hoops. My hoop–crazed girlfriends are talking about the class as though the Beatles were coming to town. This is some pretty serious hype. We might as well learn from the best. She’s only in town the one day so take advantage of this amazing and rare chance to hoop with one of the world’s greatest.

The Kelowna workshop is open to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike and will feature a live DJ providing hoop-friendly beats. For those who wish to participate in the class, contact the host Heather Gordon via the Facebook event listing. For those not on Facebook, call or text Heather at 250-863-3066.

What: Hula Hoop workshop with the world’s greatest hooper
When: Tuesday August 10, 2010 7PM – 9PM
Where: Rotary Park Beach on Lakeshore near Playa Del Sol
Cost: $25.00 pp
Register via Facebook event listing: Hoop Workshop with KIT

KIT links, video, photos, and more:

The Enchanted Hidden Forest

There is a buzz in Kelowna this time of year as people get excited about which festivals they plan to attend. Outdoor music festival culture in BC is unique. There is so much vast land to host such incredibly diverse and intimate productions. The passion and work of those who make them happen is remarkable. For those attending, these festivals are often a highlight of the year. We are truly spoiled.

Many of these events take place within a 30 to 60 minute drive of downtown Kelowna. They have minimal advertising and attract and “those who know” crowd and those who know like to keep the knowledge of these events a little underground.

There are typically no age restrictions at the shows and “party safe and have fun” is the attitude of all. There is a hired security team and a sense of everyone looking out for one another and making sure everyone is having fun. This attracts huge numbers of people who can attend with their older sisters or younger brothers, who often experience their first big event with live music. Some of the highlights at these festivals include live DJs, bands, MCs, and vocalist, huge stage productions with art pieces, incredible lighting and sound, live visuals, and room to dance. There are other things like hookah lounges, puppet shows, and a vendors’ area with great food, clothing, jewelry, hats, beads, and the likes of. Daytime workshops are scheduled for those looking to share and connect about things like spiritual healing, yoga, perhaps learn a little more about digital art and music. There are a whole bunch of how-to type classes on hula hooping, beading, Reiki massage, MCing and DJing basics, and all this is included in the admission price. It is truly amazing what a group of like-minded people can share.

Hidden2010 took place a few weeks ago. A large team of Kelowna event hosts teamed up to create edition number 4 of this music festival where urban arts and digital music come alive, only in the deep woods of BC and this year private land in Beaverdell was the playground. Folks from Kelowna arrived by the hundreds on Thursday afternoon to set up their prime camping spots. They met up with their friends from neighboring communities like Nelson, Grand Forks, Penticton, etc… Performers and festival-goers from as far East as Calgary and as far West as Vancouver made the long trek into the show. One of the highlight performances took place Friday night as France’s Dirty Phonics took to the stage with their 2 DJ and 1 MC live act. The performers were just as enthralled as the crowd. Their MC felt the love and said: “We can’t believe you people built this incredible show in the middle of nowhere. We’re in a forest! Look at all of you amazing people!” I couldn’t believe I was catching of the world’s best DJ acts live near Kelowna. A Hip Hop showcase on Saturday afternoon kept the daytime busy with rhymes, beats, break dancing, and live graffiti art. Saturday night played to host an array of favorites including Mat The Alien, Smalltown DJs, and Fresh Baked DJs who are all Shambhala Music Festival performers this summer. Hidden-goers came together for three days and two nights to celebrate the beginning of summer and dance under a starry sky and it was a darn good time.

Up next in the festival circuit in the Kelowna area is my pick of summer: Rustic Robot, also into its fourth year, which is taking place on Saturday July 24 in the back woods between Kelowna and Penticton. Local performers include awesome metal band DFY (my neighbours!) and Poor Little Rich Girl and DJs Chaosphere, DeeBass, and many others. Find them on Facebook in your Kelowna network.

If you want to enjoy dancing under the stars, look for information in underground. Hemp City on Bernard Ave is usually a hub of details as is a multitude of Facebook listings. Also, head to The Grateful Fed every Thursday night for Basswave with live locals DJs. These folk also know about the festivals, so make a friend, dance, and get your camping gear together for a summer of fun. There are a few more outdoor events coming up in August and we will take a peek at those in a future A-OK entry.


Photos by: Darth Raver and Tomas A.

Score G Productions Inc. on Kickstarter

The Okanagan is Awesome, and a big part of that is the people who make it that way. One of the Locals guilty of awesomeness is Adam Scorgie. You may recognize him as filmmaker of the documentary “The Union: The Business behind getting High“. He is now undergoing a new project “Ice Guardians”, but he needs our help!

The obstacle facing many indie filmmakers is that most studios are only looking for movies that they think will be big box office hits, rather than movies which are thought provoking and educational.

“My true passion in addition to being creative is to focus on very compelling topics that both stimulate interest and educate people. The one quality that separates me from other filmmakers is that I am not in the industry simply to make a lot of money. The passion that drives me is to make thought provoking films that inspire the world in a positive way. ” -Adam Scorgie

Adam needs our help to raise $24,000 to start Score G Productions Inc., this will be “the production company created for the indie community by the indie community.”

In the spirit of A-OK, I raise my glass and popcorn bowl to Adam Scorgie. A true visionary and fellow Kelownian, dedicated to making Kelowna, the Okanagan, and the world, awesome.