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These People Are A-OK: Loyal Wooldridge

Loyal may be our second Salon owner to be interviewed for The Proof, but make no mistake, this doesn’t detract from his involvement in our local community. Between running his Salon and organizing several fundraiser events per year, Loyal keeps himself and his team busy by always challenging himself in new ways. Education, seminars, personal growth are all mantra’s Loyal practices on a daily basis. At 24, some may be intimidated by the things he’s accomplished, but Loyal’s always looking for that next step, a true “Where Do We Go From Here?” aficionado. When not at the chair working diligently in his Salon’s front end and not on the computer working on the details that keep the business running, Loyal loves to lay back with a local, organic Summerhill sparkling wine on a lazy Sunday with his fabulous roommate Brandie, and good friends by the poolside.

Why We Love It Here

1. My baby Elphie who not only rules the roost of Brandie’s and my condo, but is also named after my favourite musical character from Wicked! She’s a Cornish Rex with lots of attitude and really doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do—remind you of someone?
2. Traveling is something that keeps Brandie and I sane. So when K-Town starts to weigh on our nerves and we just can’t seem to handle life, we escape, become tacky tourists and experience the world. This was our latest trip to San Francisco in July.
3. I spend my Friday afternoons in the studio of Q103.1 FM with my good friend Troy Scott. We have lots of banter and discuss a lot of hair crisis’ in Kelowna. Always a blast, and hey, who doesn’t like to be on air?
4. Every morning, Starbucks in the routine that keeps me sane. My favourite Barista, Kim, is handing over my life force: 2 pump caramel, americano with an inch of cold soy mmmmmm…
5. My ever exciting breakfast at 7:00 AM while I return e-mails from the day and evening prior. The scene would not be complete without my MacBook. The salon keeps me on my toes for sure!
6. My latest project, that was really not hard on the eyes :P Loyal Hair Therapy hosted: LUXE – Summer Soiree a charity event for The Living Positive Resource Center. Not only did I orchestrate the evening, I also got to paint the beautiful underwear models for the fashion show. Palm Springs’ Kim Kuzma also performed and DJ Polychrome was the finale… great evening shared with even more amazing people!
7. My pride and joy: the interior of Loyal Hair Therapy, Kelowna’s only Kérastase consultant salon. This is the first location, with more positive energy and success in the works. I love my industry, my people and of course: making people look and feel fabulous.
8. Behind the scenes at LHT’s 2009 photo shoot, at Flightcraft‘s airplane hangar. Barry Lapointe was kind enough to allow us to use his private jet in this creative shoot. The girls were body painted, and rocked our avant garde styles.

Why They Love It Here

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live downtown with my wonderful best friend, Brandie. We love to be is such close proximity to Kelowna’s cultural district and our fav hangout: Waterfront Wines. Living in such a central locations makes our lives so much more simple, grocery store near by, and of course my laser hair removal clinic is even closer—OW!

What do you do and where?
I get to make people look and feel fabulous everyday! Not only am I a Hairstylist and Make Up Artist, but I also lead a team of dedicated stylists at my salon: Loyal Hair Therapy. I am passionate about sharing knowledge with my people, and finding ways to contribute to their success and professional aspirations. As I like to say: I do hair for fun, and help grow people for a living.

What are you working on?
That is top secret information! Haha, currently I am working diligently to launch my amazing new online domain——launching later this week. The new site will offer interactive features such as online booking, updated photo gallery and my very own blog. LHT2 is also in the works, stay glued to the new site for updates and information ;)

Where can we find your work?
LHT is located in North Glenmore at 112-1940 Kane Road in the complex with Tim Hortons, IGA and McDonalds. Or visit online at

These People Are A-OK: Tim Janzen

Tim Janzen is widely regarded as Kelowna’s best dressed man. From the year 1988 at the age of 18 Tim moved into one of Winnipeg’s most notorious heavy metal rock and roll bars as its live-in bartender. Paying little attention to border crossing formalities he soon moved to Seattle to be in the midst of the grunge revolution and developed a lifelong affection for American culture which led him to take up residence at the Four Queens in Vegas to marry one of the great loves of his life.

Following his Toronto bride home he traded in his plaid shirt for a white lab coat as a quality control expert for Goshen rubber corporation by day and notorious Young Street pornographer by night. Growing associations with spooks, arm dealers, assassins, and well placed Cuban political figures led him to Cuba for a career as a smuggler which he wisely aborted and fled to the relative safety of Mexico cities barrios leaving an invaluable collection of female portraiture later to be destroyed by hurricane Ivan. Later spending time in the historic meeting place city of Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, Tim befriended Oaxaca’s transvestite prostitute community. Tim found himself well suited for the life of leisure in Mexico, incidentally all the while maintaining complete abstinence from consuming drugs or alcohol while living in the mescal capital of the world.

He moved finally to Kelowna where he was heavily headhunted as an agent to Canada’s top artists, leaving after a record breaking one day tenure. In a sideways move to show production he crew chiefed such talent as David Bowie, Cher, Blue Man group, etc.

He now mops the stages his crew once built but still maintains close personal ties and inroads to the Industry. Experiencing highs and lows of this life, while enjoying deep intimacies with the thousands of women who have flowed through his life, often necessitating eating chocolate covered almonds out of bulk food bins, he brings the full weight of his hard won experience and unparalleled expertise in the world of femininity as Canada’s foremost dating coach.

Why We Love It Here

1. Backstage at Jay Z.
2. Dang, I forgot my sunglasses?
3. Colouring with Kyla.
4. Nasim’s hat world.
5. Watching the kiddies.
6. Shelly at BCIMAs
7. Script writing at Bean Scene.
8. Terence’s ukulele world.

Why They Love It Here

What neighborhood do you live in?

What do you do and where?
My greatest joy is raising my beautiful 17 year old daughter.

What are you working on?
In the midst of producing the Tim Janzen show, broadening it in scope and visibility.

Where can we find your work?

These People Are A-OK: Mel Schmidt

Mel is one of those people you remember. You’ve seen her on the street, you’ve seen her in salons, and you’ve seen her in your dreams. You probably didn’t even know it was her because of her ever-changing hair colours but you’d easily recognize her unique style. Since her—and her husband’s—salons started popping up all over Kelowna years ago, they’ve slowly shaped a part of the culture in Kelowna to what we know it as today.
Mel Proof

Why We Love It Here

1. My awesome dog Betsey. This was her first “couture” shaving a beautiful pink coat made from her very own fur courtesy of Donna at PetSmart, who is awesome.
2. My first trip to Chicago for one of North Americas largest hair conventions. These are my feet which I thought were on the beach of the ocean but turns out was just a really friggin’ huge lake!
3. This is my hand which does makeup, counts money, smacks people when they misbehave and signs on the dotted line, how can you not love your job with this accent piece right!
4. A trip to meet the legendary hairstylist Oribe in Las vegas led us by this poker table and I thought to myself, yep Oribe is so amazing he has his own poker table. And I love that about him. Oh, his hair skills are alright too hahaha.
5. Some makeup I did for a fashion show in Vegas, the theme was Grotesque Glamour!
6. This isn’t me but its my manager Danielle putting on a girls nails. I love this photo because you can literally see the energy that exists in our shop every day!
7. Bedhead makeup is my fave, look closely and see the happy guest in the mirror, haha…
8. Me and my hubby at our grand opening of our West Kelowna location. Why he’s making this face I have no idea but I knew he’d kill me if I submitted it. I’m naughty.

Why They Love It Here

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in the deep rut (Rutland) in a condo with my husband and awesome dog.

What do you do and where?
I own and operate 3 hair salons (yes, with my husband and awesome dog) Our salons are called Cream Hair & Makeup Lounge.

What are you working on?
Right now I’m working on getting the doors open to our third location at the Madison, just a few weeks away, yay! And I’m also working on something so top secret I cant even give a hint, sorry!

Where can we find your work?
You can find my work at:
1. Cream on 1771 Cooper Road
2. #313- 3021 Louie Drive, West Kelowna (Staples building)
3. 1389 Ellis Street, the Madison

These People Are A-OK: Nasim Jamal

Nasim is easily regarded as the Okanagan’s most recognizable photographer with the largest collection of the most expensive, eclectic, defunct and utterly useless camera lenses around. After amassing such a collection for professional reasons Nasim stopped taking photos almost entirely and now shoots with a Canon point and shoot. In his spare time time, which is all of his time, he has created some of the most innovative designs and alterations the trucker hat world has ever seen. Sometime working as a stagehand but mostly doing it for the t-shirts and donuts.

Why We Love It Here

1. Helping a friend rebuild a motorbike.
2. Theft Buster? Who would steal a car painted like that?
3. Dropped in on friends at Cafe Soleil. They are such pretty mutants.
4. Calling mom is always a good idea. She just wants to know you’re o.k.
5. Me!
6. Hunting for car parts at the Pick-n-pull.
7. Levitating my Delorean with the power of four cinder blocks.
8. A sampling of Nasim’s Hat World (formerly Lee’s hat world) with my manager Tim Janzen.

Why They Love It Here

What neighborhood do you live in?
Around Leon Avenue.

What do you do and where?
Dumpster diving in the downtown zone.

What are you working on?
Adding secret storage compartments to my Delorean. Seriously.

Where can we find your work?
I am currently a fashion designer specializing in hat making. You can find my hats locally at Tweaked and Yummy on Ellis. You can find my photos online on the [Face]Book.