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The Show

Last Saturday Kelowna was treated to a variety-style art event at Habitat. The Show was THE art party of Spring 2012, featuring the work of over 30 artists with music, photography, spoken word, painting and film. Their goal was to break out of the lackluster state the Kelowna art scene has been in over the winter and get everyone talking again, and it definitely felt like that was happening.

Artists included: Dylan Lenz, Tanatswa Pfende, Anastasia Fox, Tristan MacKinlay, James Masz, Bethany Edwards, Tim Smith, Per Wall, Dean Krawchuck, Malcolm McCormick, Kristi Hemingson, Kevin Jesuino, Asher Klassen, Ashleigh Green, Nicole Young, Alia Popoff, Erika Edgecombe, Kelsie Balehowsky, Lucas Glenn, Andy Ruffett, Kathryn Holden, Nadine Bradshaw, Asif Hossain, Hans Lujan, Jessica Bonney, Stephanie Zahara, Corie Waugh, Alex Webster, Madeleine Belanger and others.

Jeff Willard snapped a few photos of the event before the night got really busy.

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9th Annual Wearable Art Gala: Call for Submissions

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Exercise your creativity and join over 70 performers in this Gala show which blends clever design, breathtaking art, vaudeville humor and sheer spectacle. This popular community fundraising event features fashion, design and art inspired presentations of all types of body adornment. This year the theme is an artistic exploration of the five senses with a twist – we are inviting proposals for designs which restrict, challenge or alter one of the senses.

To participate simply provide a quick sketch and a brief description of your proposed submission, along with an entry form, available on our website ( or at the gallery. There are no entry fees and submissions will be juried by a committee of local artists and past performers. Results will be announced in early February with the event scheduled for Saturday, March 31. The deadline for submissions is Thursday January 26, 2012.

For more info visit

Happy New Year

There’s something wonderful about champagne, few drinks leave me with a similar emotional response. Perhaps this is because we save it for special occasions like New Years Eve, weddings and/or Sunday mornings. Perhaps there’s something in the bubbles. We may never know.

What we do know is that today is New Years Eve and a good chunk of us will (hopefully) be drinking a glass or three of champers tonight. If you’re not sure where to start I’ve got a couple tips I’ve picked up over the years. I wouldn’t (publicy) claim to be a professional champagne drinker, but there are a few things I do know about a fine bottle. My drill for New Years has seen everything form a small sip of champagne to last years debacle in my living room. Let’s just say it included a box of Summerhill Brut — my absolute favourite sparkling wine with these lovely small bubbles reminiscent of Dom Pérignon — a smoke machine, and that everyone involved is thankful we took spectacularly amateur photos with which we may “remember” the night.

I prefer a chilled bottle that, if not kept in the fridge, is chilled in a bucket with 70% ice and 30% water. If you’re in a hurry I’ve heard that throwing some salt on the ice helps a lot. It’s apparently faster than a freezer and a lot less dangerous if you’re forgetful.

The foil and cage are fairly straightforward but trivia buffs will be impressed when you tell them that it always takes seven turns of the neck wire to free the cage.

Now for one of the greatest lessons I have ever learned. Grab the cork with one hand and the bottom of the bottle with the other. Place the bottle at a 45˚ angle to maximize champagn-to-bottle surface area exposure. Turn the bottom of the bottle but not the cork. Keep a firm grip in the cork pushing against it. You don’t want an explosion but rather, something like a nun farting in a front pew.

Pour into glasses… slowly. Replace bottle in bucket.

Cheers, and a safe and happy New Years from A-OK!

Happy Holidays from Awesome Okanagan

Remember what’s important when you’re surrounded by family and friends.

Vote in the Civic Elections on Nov. 19

November 19, Vote in the Civic Elections like your future depends on it. ‘Cos it kinda does.
For more information, visit Castanet’s Civic Elections 2011 page.

Shop Local this Holiday Season

Want to make a difference? Occupy local & independent stores this holiday season.

Gensis Fashion Show at the Kelowna Art Gallery

Friday night Kelowna witnessed Canadian art reborn in the new Genesis fashion line. Award winning designer Sheila Keighron launched ‘Genesis’ a collection of women’s clothing inspired by the artwork of one of Canada’s most distinctive and celebrated Aboriginal artists Daphne Odjig. We were lucky enough to have A-OK photo contributor on site to take some photos of the event.

Born in 1919 on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Odjig has received numerous accolades for her art including an appointment to the Order of Canada in 1986, an election to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art, and in 1998, a National Aboriginal Achievement Award. In 2002 Canada Post chose to feature “Genesis”, one of Daphne’s 1976 works, in its holiday stamp collection. In February 2011, Canada Post again featured three different pieces of Odjig art, a first for a Canadian artist to be featured in three separate stamps.

Keighron has brought together an exciting collection of classic designs that subtley incorporate and pay homage to the art of Daphne Odjig. “It’s so gratifying to know this amazing artist and to create this line of clothing that brings her art into a new dimension”, comments Keighron. Keighron has extensive fashion design and manufacturing experience in Ireland, best known for the Justin Paul fashion line. Her long and close friendship with Daphne Odjig inspired her to bring Odjig’s art to life in a line of high end women’s fashion.

The Genesis fall 2011 collection utilizes the finest Italian wools , cashmere and silks carefully sourced, each piece individually designed by Keighron and made in Canada. The line includes many pieces, from soft flowing full length coats to scarfs infused with the wonderful colors of Odjig original art. “My collection is layered and flowing and elegant. I have sourced only the best materials. It is so fitting that we call this line Genesis as it is Daphne’s art once again come to life in a different form” says Keighron.

Genesis is not only an important launch into Canada’s fashion scene as well as the Canadian art world. The Genesis Fall collection can be seen at and

The Kelowna Art Gallery will also install an exhibition of selected works by Daphne Odjig in the Front Project Space from Wednesday, September 7 to Sunday, September 18, 2011. This is a rare opportunity for the public to view works by an internationally recognized artist of this calibre in our community. This exhibition is free to the public. The art of Daphne Odjig is available through Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, who has represented her since 1978.

Fight for the Farm: iPhone App

Local, Ryan Donn, has shared this article with us this week.

Kelowna iPhone app developer, Will Walczak, is selling the farm. Well he’s at least selling an iPhone game about a farm. In production for over a year his app “Cropduster: Fight for the Farm” was launched in the Apple App store last week.

The games influences include: Farmville, Flight control, and Angry Birds. In the interview below, Walczak explains how living in Kelowna impacted the games design and characters. Discover who the characters are named after, why our local agriculture had a significant impact on the games farming theme, and how to fight for the farm. Get the free version from the app store at the following link:

Click the video below to learn more about the creative brainchild behind one of the Okanagan’s first iPhone game application.

Game Description:

Help Farmer Fred survive the worst farming disasters he’s seen in all his farmin’ years. This year the weeds, crows, beetles and gophers think they can spoil his chances at a fine harvest! Prove them wrong and take your high flying, fast shootin’, water dropping, gopher plugging team and fight off those angry critters.

Chopper Dan and Seeder Steve are the hardest working team of airplanes on any farm. Guide them to help out Farmer Fred by seeding, and keeping away all the nasty creatures that would love to destroy his crop.

Fight through puzzles, endurance tests, tricky tight terrain, and downright critter chaos to survive the first full season farming game.