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Okanagan Arts Awards: Call for Nominations

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The Arts Council of the Central Okanagan is seeking nominations for the Okanagan Arts Awards. The Okanagan Arts Awards is an annual celebration honouring artists, art supporters and art organizers whose work has made a major contribution to the artistic and cultural life of the Okanagan.

Take this opportunity to nominate someone in your community that has made a noteworthy contribution to our local arts and culture.

To obtain the full submission details please go to their website at
If you have any questions please call (250) 861-4123 or email us at

metabridge Delivers on Tech Promises

Steve Wandler (Karackter Labs) and the Central Okanagan Economic Development Comission hosted metabridge BC June 2011 June here in the Awesome Okanagan.

metabridge is built on strong relationships and a community of leaders contributing to advance the technology sector beyond British Columbia. Starting in 2008, they’ve been working to bring together bright minds from many of the largest companies in North America; from Facebook, Google, Hewlett Packard to Mitel, Research In Motion and Disney.

By connecting intelligent start-ups in the Okanagan with mentors and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley, metabridge hopes to work to build the world-class technology hub the Okanagan is starting to be recognized as.

Great work guys!

Bus Stop Designs

It’s nice to see these bus stops all around being decorated with this minimal but attractive design. Anyone know who we should thank?

BFA Grad Show at UBCO Aftermath

For those who missed the BFA Grad Show at UBCO.

Here is a link to a virtual tour of the show! PREVALENT MATERIAL

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Sweet Home Style

I was meeting with my friend Tyler at his place last week, he is a roommate in a house with a few other folks including another old friend and a couple new ones. Their house is pretty incredible, they do their best to avoid processed foods by growing veggies and herbs all throughout the house and backyard, they even have a few chickens around! The home-owner, Jordan, also organizes painting parties. Basically groups of people, getting together and being creative. We think that encapsulates everything that’s awesome in the Okanagan!

There is a blue bunny on the wall.

Tyler handmade these speakers.

When you come to my house, this is where the REAL magic happens…

This is only the kitchen, living room and part of the dinning room, less than half the house. I didn’t post any pictures from bedrooms or the art in the hallways. You get the idea… let’s use this space as inspiration and instigate art collaboration!

Fashion Students Enjoy Real-World Experience

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Kelowna’s very own fashion students from the Centre for Arts and Technology have paired up with BroSista to bring you the most sought after styles for both men and women on May 7th at 6:30pm downtown on location in the Town Centre Mall, 11A-565 Bernard Avenue.

The students are trying to gain experience for their final graduation show, which is only 5 months away (never mind still having to design and sew their collections). After their first show in the safety of the class and one during Centre of Gravity, it’s time for one more. Of course classes don’t stop and the girls have to balance pattern-making software, portfolio development along with business operations, entrepreneurship and global sourcing with the planning of a show. After a year and a half of sewing and design, the fashion show class allows for a creative outlet. Within the past 4 weeks, they’ve had to organize posters, models, photography and more while keeping up with assignments. And with the store being run by a very pregnant woman, the opportunity came up for a win-win situation.

With their mother in retail estate, Luke and Taya saw a chance to open a retail store in downtown Kelowna, creating BroSista. Within the week they had gone to Vancouver’s FX Building to talk with Agents and order garments. Over the past 6 years, they have successfully expanded the store and continued to bring hot styles to the men and women in Kelowna. Of course, life happens. Luke’s best friend Taylor caught the eye of Taya and with baby #2 on the way and other projects for Luke; it’s time to close the store. Though planning the event has been interesting, with some early contractions, the students are confident that the show will be worth their while, and help BroSista clear their inventory. Everything must go!

BroSista extends a thank you to all their loyal customers who have shared in their passion for fashion for the past 6 years. They are inviting everyone to get inspired at the show and indulge in the customer appreciation sale. Enjoy the all day sale, then shop the runway styles and enjoy some refreshments afterwards

Join them at the runway for a night of fashion, food, fun and fabulous clothing!

If you can wait till tomorrow, we’ll be doing a styling session with the models and can use some of those fun photos!

Vote! It’s Your Election!

Why get involved?

It’s your right.

Young people, women and underrepresented groups all fought hard for the right to vote. even today there are countries where people are still dying for the right to vote.


Does it seem as if politicians are a bunch of old white males? Want to change it? Vote.

If you don’t vote, someone else will.

Our government was designed for citizen participation, so if you don’t vote – other people are going to make the decisions for you.

Every vote counts.

With the lowest voter turnout since Confederacy at our last election, if we all voted  last time we might not be in this place this time…

Any more questions? Click here!

Ecotone Installation at the A-OK Launch Party

We’re only four days away from our Launch Party at the Laurel Packinghouse and leading up to it (and even after it’s done) we’ll be educating you on all the businesses, artists, musicians and everyone taking part.

Today in a whirlwind fury of exhilaration we share a bite-size piece about the 5 artist installations representing the Ecotone arts festival.

  1. Kyle Zsombor, animal art
  2. Richard Clegg, the doorway grid
  3. Chad Pratch, (pre up-coming Kelowna Art Gallery exhibition) chairs installation
  4. Malcolm Eides, geometric shapes
  5. Gabe Cipes, Ecotone art

There will be an entire Ecotone zone for people to mingle with, folks representing Kelowna Permaculture, and ecological activists looking to involve people in ecological endeavors. “Teach a man to fish,” so to speak…

Photo by generalamazo2000

We will be promoting tours of local in progress examples of Spin, Permaculture, and Biodynamic, farming. All Organic Local and Zero Waste design, Awesome right?