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Bellyfit Live and Soul Shift Dance Event

There is one more Bellyfit Live™ class in Kelowna before summer time. Ladies, join us on Friday May 11, 2012 from 6PM to 8PM to shake and shimmy with two instructors and two DJs at this ‘live’, extra long Bellyfit class. The energy created by the live mixing of tracks and drumming adds an incredible energy to both the instructor and the participants, creating an experience that goes beyond a workout and into the realm of community celebration and unity.

After 8PM, stick around for “SoulShift” and dance the night away in a relaxed & inviting atmosphere Habitat 248 Leon. This portion of the night is open to all who are 19+ so invite your friends, moms, daughters, husband, besties, and neighbours who are 19+ and dance to the sounds of DJs Rowan (Bellyfit founder & music curator / Victoria BC) and JGirl (Footwerk / Shambhala Fractal Forest).

SoulShift ATMOSPHERE: Conscious sounds | Elevate your soul | Shift into the weekend
SoulShift MUSIC: Ethno & Tribal | Tech & Deep house | Breaks | Mid-tempo dub

Bellyfit live registration & Soulshift tickets here.

Facebok event listing here.

Bellyfit Live + SoulShift

Bellyfit Live + SoulShift

These People Are A-OK: Leslie Zednai, Penticton Difference Maker

Rick, Hansen, 25th, Anniversary, Relay, Difference, Maker, Penticton

Leslie Zednai, a Difference Maker in the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay

Tomorrow, May 3rd the Rick Hansen 25thAnniversary Relay will be rolling through Penticton and more than 30 local athletes have been chosen to take part in the relay celebration.  One such athlete is Leslie Zednai who was chosen as a Difference Maker in our community through her advocacy for women’s rights.

“I support those individuals who choose empowerment because I believe in walking that fine line where one can maintain integrity and dignity while taking a stand for oneself and for others. When women are empowered a new leadership style is implemented, affecting both genders. Results are in increased economic stability and improved relationships; whether professional, personal, or intimate. It’s time to rise above the gender power struggle and come to a place to really see and value each other. That is a world that I want to live in – it’s one worth working towards.” -Leslie Zednai

The only previous running experience Leslie had prior to her start in 2010 was back in ’95 when she took part in the Vancouver Sun Run 10k, at that time also discovering she had exercise induced asthma, but that’s not holding her back now.

Leslie, Zednai, Rick, Hansen, 25th, Anniversary, Relay, Difference, Maker, Penticton

Leslie getting warmed up for a run along Skaha Lake.

Fast forward 15 years and she’s picked up her running shoes again, just to get that old feeling back. Shocking even herself she was running longer and with more ease than she ever had which motivated her to sign up for the Scorched Sole Ultra 50k in Kelowna the following June.

Having been on crews for various Ultra runners has been a great influence on Leslie, and as so she began training for her first Ultra Marathon in February 2011. Her goals for 2012 are to complete a 100 kilometer, as well as a 100 mile endurance run.

You can catch Leslie and the other 30 Difference Makers in Penticton tomorrow for the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay. Her portion of the relay will be from behind City Hall on Martin and then along Westminster Ave ending just in front of the Bike Barn, watch for her medal bearer number MB254-032.

You can also find Leslie on Twitter @UltraRHighness, or by email at

Come down and cheer on your local Difference Makers!

All Hail the Hike! Scenic Canyon with Dr. Adventure

Who’s ready for a little bit of adventure?! I know I am, or I wouldn’t have recently packed it all up and moved here from California. The Okanagan is jam packed with adventurous people, intriguing nooks and crannies, and weather to suite most expeditions. So, Kelownafornians, here is the first tasting of many upcoming Okanagan adventures with yours truly. Not only are these adventures going to help you see a little bit more of your back yard, but they have this convenient little side effect called “health”. I implore you to get out there and make the most beautiful place on earth your very own. Since I am a Doctor, which is derived directly from the word “teacher”, I’ll even show you how…

Not only is this an article about hiking, it is about a lovely jaunt which happened to occur during a miniature hail-storm.  Also, hiking is a praise-worthy equalizer of interests in outdoor activities (hence the double entendre of a title). It’s pretty hard not to enjoy a fine stroll through a wooded area now and then. So, on a Sunday morning in the middle of March, the wife and I took off on our first ever Okanagan hike: Scenic Canyon Regional Park.

Aside from hearing all about the outdoor lifestyle and fantastic adventures that are a part of the Okanagan décor, we really knew very little of where to go for our first hike. Scenic Canyon was a perfect place for a mellow introduction to our impending exploration of BC’s great interior.

The park entrance, just beyond Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort, is easily accessible and the trailhead is clearly marked beside an information kiosk. We soon found ourselves mucking through the park on the way to some great views. There is a nice bit of variety in the park. Some steep hills and mellow spans, some dense trees and canopied forests, and even a flowing creek.

The trails themselves are made up of gravel, dirt, sand, or a mix. This makes it nice and easy on the tootsies (and those of your canine friends too). Although Amanda and I did some amusing dances in an attempt to regain lost footing on some icy pathways, I am sure that there will be no rinks in sight once you set foot in the little wonderland.
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15th Annual Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom

Photo compliments of Jeff Willard (

I have been snowboarding for well over a decade. However, now that people call me Doctor, I feel some pressure to throw in the towel on my snowboarding career, in light of safer and more “mature” adventures, like jogging or tennis. But alas, strapping in and shredding the gnar still holds dear to me. In fact, I recently put the nail in the “growing up” coffin, resolving to a life of snow-piracy. What caused this resolute polarization, you ask? The 15th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom.

Photo compliments of Jeff Willard (

Over 250 powder hounds, groomer looters, and park rats descend upon Big White every year for this extravagant jamboree.  A competition like this really makes a guy feel good about being a snowboarder; this race is less about winning and more about being part of something big. You can’t help but feel it in the crisp mountain air. The electric throng which inhabits the launch tent takes it upon themselves to get riders fired up as they hurl their bodies down the winding course. As riders come flying through, barely on the verge of control, a conglomerate of supportive boarders, two-plankers, and observers waits near the end of the gully. They are cheering for every single rider that comes through, friend or foe. Even untimely bails and jarring crashes are met with a sense of comradery, as if the crowd is declaring “we’ve been there too, dude”. The environment really can’t get much better, even for someone new to the Okanagan, such as me.

Photo compliments of Jeff Willard (

All racers are split into age/gender categories, as well as snow-skate, adaptive, and pro. While one category of racers competes, the rest of the party explores the rest of the winter wonderland that is Big White. Riders from all walks of life, from Olympic Gold medalists to local hobbyists, have their turn to feed off of the exhilarating energy that flows through the snow-maniacal brethren/sisterhood.

Photo compliments of Jeff Willard (

Riders continue pumping out runs for two jam-packed days. Once all is said and done, there is a huge buffet dinner, awards ceremony, and prize giveaway to cap it all off. This year’s post-race celebration was so packed that yours truly couldn’t even find a seat in the Loose Moose Café. Although the ceremonies go on for hours, it flies by pretty quick, as your friends and family are all joining in the buzz and likely even getting some loot in the give-away.

Photo compliments of Benjamin Stevens (

If you’re from the Okanagan or in need of a reason to come visit in the winter, consider coming to “compete” in the Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom. It’s a solid weekend adventure filled with more positive energy than a Richard Simmons video (albeit, with a slightly less flamboyant guise). See you there next year. For more pictures and info on the event, check out the Big White Facebook page.

“A Growing Vision” Mini-Doc About our Growing Spaces

Local filmmaker Thomas Ethan Foster put together this short Documentary about urban farming and the future of localization. Includes interviews with Curtis Stone of Green City Acres and Gabe Cipes of Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

World Community Film Fest, March 8th—11th

Article Submitted by Carol Kergan / Submit Your Own Article

BC’s biggest and best social issues documentary film festival is coming to Okanagan College and UBCO on March 8th—11th.

The film program this year features an outstanding selection of 35 documentary films from around the world. The Travelling World Community Film Festival is known for the incredible breadth of topics covered as well as for the first class quality of the productions screened—these are films that are sure to educate, entertain and inspire. The film festival takes place on Thursday and Friday at UBCO and all day Saturday and Sunday at Okanagan College on KLO Road. Children’s activities, healthy food and other goods will be available at Okanagan College.

In addition, the annual KELOWNA SEED SWAP will take place at Okanagan College Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Film descriptions, schedule and much more can be found at the festival website, Festival organizers have made special effort to continue their EDUCATION IS A RIGHT-FREE ADMISSION policy.

Donations are gladly accepted for the Ki-low-na Friendship Centre and Inn from the Cold at this non-profit event.

Where: UBCO – 3333 University Way, Kelowna
When: Thursday, March 8 at 5:00pm + Friday March 9 at 3:00pm

Where: Okanagan College – 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna
When: Saturday, March 10 at 10:00am + Sunday, March 11 at 10:00am

How Much: Free (Donations accepted)
For: Everyone

Meet Shar, She Loves Healthy Skin

I first met Shar through her husband and over copious amounts of wine. I was immediately intrigued by her store, especially when I found out she carries some good-looking, rugged Men’s skincare lines. It made sense we would reach out to her for our A-OK Launch Party as a staple of awesome in the community, but let’s find out a bit more about Shar, the woman.

Her story is not unlike many local entrepreneurs, Shar’s life is peppered with passion for work, life and wine. “When we got married we just wanted to try a new adventure somewhere else,” she explains. Her husband, Thomas, had visited the Okanagan one time before and loved the weather and scenery. “More than anything it was us just wanting to do our own businesses and just felt Kelowna was the city we could do it in.”

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Bellyfit LIVE Comes to Kelowna!

Expand your fitness experience. Bellyfit Live™ is when a Bellyfit instructor teams up with a DJ and/or a live drummer to offer a ‘live’, extra long Bellyfit class. The energy created by the live mixing of tracks and live drumming adds an incredible energy to both the instructor and the participants, creating an experience that goes beyond a workout and into the realm of community celebration and unity.

Bellyfit LIVE creators Alice Bracegirdle & DJ Rowan join Kelowna’s Tamara Logan & DJ JGirl for the Kelowna launch of Bellyfit LIVE in Kelowna on Friday May 13 2011.