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How Goes the Resolutions?

Here we are just about a month in to January. This is the time you start to notice the gym isn’t as busy, your coworkers that had managed to avoid the smoking area outside seem to have found it again and the brown bag lunches are being replaced with trips to Starbucks.
Resolutions are tough. We start all gun – ho but our determination can start to erode as work, life and chocolate get in the way.

Let’s take this time to reset and adjust so we can get past the tough spots and make those resolutions stick!

Here’s what “Team Susan” had to say:

Starting with Dr. Phillips’ Lifestyle prescription for the Year 2011:

Select any one (but #1 would be a good choice) of the following ‘Healthy Lifestyle Modifications’ and implement it during the month of January. Read it as often as necessary to remind yourself to keep doing it. Each consecutive month add an additional “Healthy Lifestyle Modification.” By the beginning of 2012, you will have gained significant health benefits and enhanced your quality of life.

Find the list HERE it’s awesome.

Here is what Dr. Easterling from Creative Healing  had to say:

With the start of the New Year many of us look at our health and fitness regimes and make some commitments to healthier habits, set some goals and make a little extra effort toward an improved lifestyle. Having your spine checked as part of those healthier choices should be part of your overall wellness routine. The fundamental truth is: HEALTH IS NORMAL!

Read more HERE!

How about from my Idol Fit trainer Ryan Brown:

5 simple health tips when making your New Years Resolutions:
1.Follow a nutrition and workout plan lead by a professional
2.Keep a small journal of your fitness and food logs
3.Slow down your eating…ALOT! Eat with your opposite hand until you mastered it
4.Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Flush out water retention by drinking more water
5.Shoot to do your health program 1st thing in the morning

Remember: Confidence Dominates Indulgence!

Learn more about Ryan HERE

From the crew keeping me looking my best Aura Beauty:

If this is your life – or even if it isn’t – I recommend this week’s resolution for 2011: Pamper yourself!
Learn more from THIS wonderful article!

Good Will in the Okanagan ~ Get involved!

Photo from flickr user {life through the lens}

We have all heard the phrase, “Pay it forward.” Do something good for someone and help the love/goodness/joy/charity move forward.


Here is where I think it gets derailed;

When you tell someone to do it!

Doing good things for other people is wonderful! Perhaps you plug a meter, buy someone a coffee, or help carry groceries to a car, but expecting the recipient of your good will to do the same for another, or worse, telling them to do it, defeats the purpose.

OK.. if someone was insisting to pay you or do something for you in return, in this moment, I get saying “No, that’s ok.. maybe down the road you can help someone else the same way..” but if you leave a note telling them what you did and advising them to “pay it forward” or without prompting when they say “Thank you” you once again spout off that they should now go into the world and follow your example and “pay it forward” just seems to take away from the whole principle of doing something for someone that needs it base on good will and good will alone.

It has occurred to me that even in our strive to be “better” people we may have veered off the path a bit. My perception, is that the whole point, is good will without expectation.

Can you do that?

I find it hard. I can pretend that I don’t want to be recognized for what I have done, but deep inside.. I do.

I am a work in progress.

I’m a big believer in “Fake it, till you make it” my gestures are heartfelt and sincere, and my motivation is about 75% pure.. the last 25% is the remaining battle with my ego.

Charity is another concept I think we need to work on. Do you donate? That’s great! Do you donate enough that you have to adjust your lifestyle?

True charity should hurt a bit.

That is a another blog all together!

If you are looking to get invovled and would like to give or help in some way.. here are 3 great things happening in the Okanagan to check in with:

Steve and I are part of this years “Swinging With The Stars!” It would be great if you could help support Hospice Kelowna and the wonderful work they do! Please check the web page and if you would like to donate, scroll down to the “Donate Now” button under the write up about our team!

Any donated amount is appreciated and will get a tax receipt.

Meet Rebecca Bootsman.

She is amazing, wonderful, talented, brave and bald.

Rebecca has Alopecia.

It’s time for us to learn more about Alopecia and better yet for Rebecca to teach us!

Check out her You Tube channel HERE

Meet Bob Purdy.

He is about as cool as a dude can get.

You may have spotted Bob out on Lake Okanagan on his stand up paddle board!! Everyday this year Bob has pledged to to be on the water on his board paddling. He is raising awareness and money for the “David Suzuki Foundation.”

Learn more HERE!

Lillith Fair Almost There

The Kelowna Women’s Resource Centre is celebrating 25 years of service on September 11th, at the Kelowna Community Theatre.

The Kelowna Women’s Resource Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women’s equality. As a social development agency, they provide a range of information on issues of concern and interest to women. The KWRC provides a meeting place, drop-in centre and referral services for women as well as a facility for a variety of women’s support groups. They organize workshops and seminars, sponsor guest speakers, provide a women’s perspective to local media, and lobby all levels of government and organizations on the behalf of all women. The KWRC is a leader in this community in creating, developing and maintaining cooperative, collaborative relationships in this community to reduce gaps and address the issues impacting women. As part of their commitment to women in Kelowna, they actively participate on a few community committees to ensure women’s needs and concerns are addressed.
These include:

  • The Kelowna Violence Against Women in Relationships Committee
  • Poverty and Homelessness Action Team of the Central Okanagan
  • The Advisory Committee on Community & Women’s Issues

JPOD’s iPhone HD – Shambhala 2010

“What the eff?”

“He’s DJing using his iPhone!”

Kelowna’s DJ JPod The Beat Chef uses his iPhone to DJ live at Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival during his Sunday evening set. He left the DJ booth with his phone in hand and joined everyone on the dance floor. He walked through the crowd inviting folks to have a look and listen at what he was doing. Even little Jaxen Lilly gets her chance at some wikka wikka DJ action at the 5:40 mark.

NOTE: The video was taken quite spontaneously and the sound quality is a little rough but enjoy it nonetheless!

video by TDano

7th Annual Wearable Art Gala & G74 Music and Media Arts Festival

What: 7th Annual Wearable Art Gala & G74 Music and Media Arts Festival
Where: Kelowna Community Theatre 1375 Water Street
When: Friday, July 30 2010. Doors 7 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. G74 starts at 10pm

WAG TICKETS: $39 ($25 for students) through
G74 Music and Media Arts Festival tickets: Free with WAG theatre ticket or $15 at the door

The Alternator’s Wearable Art Gala is on the scene once again with this wildly popular fundraiser event. Each year the audience is bigger, the show more finely choreographed and for the first time ever featuring the G74 Music and Media Arts Festival, inspired to bring you even closer to the full fantasy and thrill of WAG.

The Wearable Art Gala is an artistic exploration of all types of body adornment. This fun and funky adult theatre event is not a fashion show in the traditional sense – it’s an artistic exploration of all types of body adornment.

This year the WAG will unleash some 23 artists on stage blending burlesque sex appeal, clever design, breathtaking performance art, vaudeville humour and sheer spectacle. Past highlights include a battle dress made from 2000 chopsticks and other unusual designs using string licorice, tennis balls, pillows, computer keyboards and balloons filled with pebbles.

Following the theatre show the Kelowna Community Theatre will be transformed into a multi-stage nightclub experience including media-based visual art (audio, video, 3D, lights, performance) and musical guest DJs. Media artists Chris Bose, Tim Fehr ( and Arthur ( set the stage with audio, video and performance designed for interaction.

The G74 Music and Media Arts Festival begins as DJs literally lift audiences off their feet with electronic music perfect for mingling, art and dancing. DJ Elis Dye opens the evening with a high energy mix of styles, JGirl & Manousos ( journey through the laid-back grooves of Deep House, while guest DJ Timothy Wisdom unifies, intensifies, uplifts and penetrates the senses.

The Alternator is Kelowna’s only artist-run centre. This is our major annual fundraiser and all proceeds go to support our operations – bringing innovative exhibitions and special events to Kelowna year-round, while supporting the careers of local emerging artists.

For information about the Wearable Art Gala – including video from previous galas– visit the Alternator web site at:

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors:

Okanagan International Film Festival

Gonzo Magazine: G74 Music and Media Arts Festival
Big Rock Brewery: Big Rock Bistro
DesignMode Studios: Chill Out Lounge

George “Chicklets” Cwiklewski, Oxygen Salon & Academy, Alison Pickering Photography, Inter- Mtn Sign Co,, NovaRae Interiors, Sonoran Estate Winery, Bella Clothing Boutique and Dandy Diva Gems and Jewels, Cannery Coffee, Kelowna Acupuncture, Dr. Hilary A. Pada, MAC Cosmetics, Health in Hand Family Chiropractic, Jo-Anne Martin, SPL Sound, Urban Harvest, Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, Opus Framing and Art Supplies, Rollingdale Winery, Alice Pallett, Sturgeon Hall Restaurant, Sweet Dreams Fine European Lingerie, Bikram Yoga Kelowna, Funktional, Kelowna Art Gallery, Tweaked and Yummy Vintage Apparel, BroSista clothing co., Fresh Healthy Café, Memphis Blues, Centre of Gravity, Ballet Kelowna and Glass Art by SIMS.

Pedal Powered Urban Farming – Green City Acres

Green City Acres is a pedal powered urban farming/edible landscaping company dedicated to sustainable food production. They utilize back yards and urban spaces to grow organic produce for local distribution. Possibly a first in the Okanagan, they use their bikes and trailers for all farming operations including farm maintenance, transportation of crops, restaurant deliveries, weekly farmers markets, and moving of a 300 lb. rototiller. Their mission? To foster environmental and social change through the production of local organic food, with minimal use of fossil fuels, and to help, teach, and empower people to start growing their own.

Own a local restaurant? They mention they’re still looking to supply a few more restaurants for this season and along with your weekly produce orders, they offer a free compost pick-up/drop-off service. All your kitchen vegetable scraps will be composted on their farm sites to be eventually used as soil amendments for future crops. More about the composting program here.

You can find Green City Acres at the Kelowna farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday. For more information about Green City Acres, including the varieties of produce available, how to see a garden in your space, and how to contact them for supplying your restaurant, please visit or follow them on Facebook.

Lee + Michele – A Lucha Libre Wedding

Need more examples of how Awesome the Okanagan is? Tim Feeny has actually filmed and documented footage.

Hoop workshop hosted by California’s KIT!!

Really awesome news for Hoop enthusiasts in Kelowna. The lovely Veronica “KIT” will be hosting a 2 hour workshop at Rotary Park Beach on Tuesday August 10 from 7PM to 9PM.

Veronica is a trained and world renowned circus performer with a wide range of skills and abilities. She is regarded as one of the best fire spinners. She travels the world showcasing her electrifying stunts and at the same time promoting hoop dance as a form of exercise. She has worked with Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, Jessica Biel, has toured with Britney Spears, and appeared on CSI NY, Budweiser Superbowl commercial, & the Jimmy Kimmel show. She is able to perform the art of fire eating, fire breathing, LED and fire hula hoop dancing, double staff, buugeng, fire baton, poi, and fire hoop minis.

This is all very impressive stuff and I plan to attend even though I am really not skilled with hoops. My hoop–crazed girlfriends are talking about the class as though the Beatles were coming to town. This is some pretty serious hype. We might as well learn from the best. She’s only in town the one day so take advantage of this amazing and rare chance to hoop with one of the world’s greatest.

The Kelowna workshop is open to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike and will feature a live DJ providing hoop-friendly beats. For those who wish to participate in the class, contact the host Heather Gordon via the Facebook event listing. For those not on Facebook, call or text Heather at 250-863-3066.

What: Hula Hoop workshop with the world’s greatest hooper
When: Tuesday August 10, 2010 7PM – 9PM
Where: Rotary Park Beach on Lakeshore near Playa Del Sol
Cost: $25.00 pp
Register via Facebook event listing: Hoop Workshop with KIT

KIT links, video, photos, and more: