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InPrint: Devon Coyote joins the Madman’s Gospel at Habitat

Devon CoyoteDevon Bjarnason is maybe better known as one half of Kelowna’s acoustic rock duo devonandkevin, but he is now making waves under his newest solo project; Devon Coyote.

Devon is hands down one of the most entertaining singer/songwriters to see perform on stage. He spends countless hours practicing and mastering his craft and this comes through in his live performance. Truly a one-man band, Devon circulates through a number of guitars and instruments throughout his set and each contributes to his unique style and pays tribute to his many different influences including rock, folk, blues, and country.

Devon recently released a four song EP titled ‘The Tri Colour EP’ which gives fans a bit of a taste of what is to come on his upcoming album ‘Blue, Black, and Grey’ which is set to be released this spring. The EP is available for download on Check out “Always in the Gray” where Devon shows off his slide steel guitar and a definitive alt country howl.

Devon Coyote will be playing at Habitat on Saturday, March 19 and will be opening up for the Madman’s Gospel who will be celebrating their CD release party.

Every member of the Madman’s Gospel brings their own musical influences together to create a unique sound which employs simple and honest songwriting spiked with contemporary sounds and styles. With lyrics that range from heart wrenching to downright saucy and energetic live performances – even the non-believers will soon be preaching the Madman’s Gospel.

Tickets for the Madman’s Gospel CD Release featuring Devon Coyote at Habitat (248 Leon Ave.) on March 19 are $15 and include a copy of the Madman’s Gospel’s album. Tickets are available online at or at the doors. For more information visit

Read the full article in today’s (March 16, 2011) edition of the Kelowna Capital News.

A-OK Mixcast Seven

Happy Monday! Mondays are tough, frankly I can’t get anywhere without my first coffee of the day. Thankfully we have a full helping of Canadian Content to enjoy this morning. I’m inspired by seeing the sun a few days in a row and seeing the snow melt all over the valley, and in dedication to this excellent time of year, we present an upbeat Mixcast flashin’ some summer Island flare. Warm up to the Artists featured this Mixcast:

  1. Mission Bells by Armistice
  2. Money Babies by The Dears
  3. Man Under the Sea by Patrick Watson
  4. All Day by Human Highway Moody Motorcycle
  5. Next Train by Miracle Fortress
  6. Costa Rica (Acoustic Version) by Vince Vaccaro
  7. DT Stylee by Jon and Roy
  8. What You Gonna Be by Kevin Drew & Broken Social Scene

Photography by Rick Forgo. Remember, if you’re listening to this Mixcast in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad there will be a link to where you can buy these great tracks! If you dig the song it’s only $0.99 in the iTunes store! If you’re an artist hoping to be featured in a future Mixcast please contact me!

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K96.3 – Kelowna’s Classic Rock Announces the Release of K Comp Vol. 1

Jeff Pike of Winborn Shows Off His K Comp Vol. 1 CDsKelowna’s Classic Rock station K96.3 is proud to announce the release of K Comp Vol. 1 – a compilation CD made up of 12 of the Okanagan’s most up and coming artists.

The 12 artists from around the Okanagan that were chosen to appear on K Comp Vol. 1 were Precision, DSD, Matt Stanley and the Decoys, Patrick Kelly, Trinity’s Tattoo, Aspen Switzer, Ange Alero, Windborn, Thomas Kjorven, Cassidy Wethal, We Are the City, and Fields of Green.

K Comp Vol. 1 is only the first in a series of emerging artist compilations yet to come from K96.3 and Music BC.

Kelowna’s Classic Rock station K96.3 will be doing on-air and live on location giveaways to get the coveted compilation CD into the public’s hands but fans can also get a copy of K Comp Vol. 1 from any of the artists featured on the disc.

“It’s so exciting to see my name on the sleeve of the first K Comp along with 11 other great local artists. I would encourage any emerging artists to apply for this year’s K Comp because it’s such a great opportunity for development and exposure. I’ll be at Bar One this Friday handing out autographed copies so get ‘em while they’re hot!” Exclaimed Ange Alero upon receiving his batch of K Comp Vol. 1 discs.

2010 marked the beginning of an incredibly exciting long term partnership between K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock and Music BC and is an ongoing part of K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock’s commitment towards the development of the next generation of local artists.

Applications for K Comp Vol. 2 will open on June 4th so stay tuned to K96.3 Kelowna’s Classic Rock station for more information.

Catch up on the project, watch this video from the showcase held at Habitat on November 27th, 2010 last year!

Listen to Aspen Switzer’s “These Are the Leaves” from the compilation. For more tracks and information, visit


What’s On? Valentine’s Mix: Hosted by Ryan Donn

Happy V-Day to all you requited and unrequited lovers out there. Ryan Donn has a last-minute Valentine’s mix of some of his favorite songs to share with us for today to get us in a lovers mood. What are your plans this evening?

  • Familia – More
  • David Blair – This is a soundtrack
  • Nat Jay – Love when I can
  • Andrew Allen – Loving you tonight
  • Maurice – Kerosene
  • Peter Katz – Postcards
  • Smith Funk Strauss – All for the love of a Lady

What’s On? Valentines mix by Ryan Donn

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald Interview at Habitat

I (finally) see that talented Calgary native, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, at Habitat. We sat down after the show for a quick chat and fondly reminisce about the time I assaulted him during BreakOut West. This interview could be especially awkward because 1) the mic wasn’t recording the first time around (we only found out once we were halfway through the interview) and 2) we’re totally wearing the same hair even though we specifically decided on each wearing two different styles beforehand. That last part was a lie, but this interview isn’t, so enjoy!

Extra, Extra! New Paperboy Carries a Tune

Photography by Nathan Cail/Fifth Eye Photographics

It’s freezing downtown Kelowna, Thursday February 10th. The air is thin, and outside the walls of the Habitat everyone can see their breath in small bursts through chattering teeth. I’ve grabbed the guys from Paperboy after their set and we can hear Michael Bernard Fitzgerald‘s first song starting behind us as we talk. Cameron Lutz, the drummer, I know from the last band he was in, Poor Little Rich Girl. Luke Mortenson is familiar, Braeden Otter I’m meeting for the first time.

All three are in high spirits following their first performance at Habitat as Paperboy, opening up for MBF 5 months after forming a band isn’t too bad. Their new sound — more mature and cohesive – and look – think Newsies, but with less dancing — attracted a bit of attention tonight. I apologize to Cameron about missing almost every show PLRG played at Habitat (apologizing was to be a common theme tonight as this was my first time officially seeing MBF as well) and have to ask the damning question of how Paperboy came about.

“I’m trying to think of doing this without being mean,” he starts off, not unexpectedly. I was hoping we wouldn’t set the tone of the interview from my first question, but it was something we had to get out of the way. “I was having issues with Poor Little Rich Girl, the last band that we were in, so I was gonna quit. And when I decided to quit, Luke was like ‘I think I’m going with you.'” PLRG’s bass player had already departed for a sunny and magical world filled with cruise ships so a split felt natural. Adding Braeden, former bass player for PLRG (replaced by Luke in the past) just made sense.

They started jamming together and had to learn songs and focus any dichotomy quickly, “We had a month before our first show. We wrote eight songs, played a month later, and once we did that, Braeden started writing with us.”

They’ve been pretty busy throughout Kelowna and Vernon and, since their inception less than 6 months ago, have played a dozen or so shows already; add in the album they recorded a month after forming and you can see the main difference between this band and the last. Paperboy is a fresh slate, a chance for them to learn from mistakes made in their past and have another go at it. Aside from a developed sound, they wanted to have a lot more fun, “Right from the start we were just molding it to be, hopefully, enjoyable.”

Fun is evident, “I was even excited when we were sound checking,” Luke chips in, “it’s still just as fun to play when we’re practicing.” The band keeps it fresh, mutual friend and photographer Nathan Cail came up to me during the show and made a point of saying, ‘Cam is smiling, you didn’t see that during Poor Little Rich Girl’s sets.’

It’s inspiring to see friends & bands always coming back with more fans, but you can tell they definitely feel the weight of starting with a fresh band. It’s great to avoid certain pit falls, such as a preconceived look and sound, but re-building a fan base and getting festival buyers interested is another story. “It doesn’t seem like we’re getting a lot of positive response,” Cam reveals, “I think we really need someone to see us live, to get on some of these festivals.”

Braeden points out, “We have awesome feedback at live shows, people come up and they’re so stoked,” but they all understand the sense that our Canadian sensibilities (i.e. sharing by Word of Mouth) can sometimes get in the way of spreading the news. Luke finishes, “For me, you know, my only ambition was to record the album. So everything else after this is just fucking gravy. I’m loving it.”

Photography graciously provided by Nathan Cail/Fifth Eye Photographics

Listen to the full interview here:


Check out “Nomencalture,” a track from Paperboy’s debut album.


InPrint: World’s Biggest DJ Touches Down In Kelowna

TiestoIn December 2010, Wet Ape Productions along with Flipside Entertainment brought Deadmau5, Canada’s most popular DJ, to Prospera Place.

But why just stop there when you could bring in the world’s most popular DJ?

So Wet Ape and Flipside are at it again, this time featuring the international dance music phenomenon Tiësto to light up Prospera Place on April 28, backed by his signature ‘Tiësto In Concert’ visual extravaganza to accent his exhilarating brand of electronic music.

Tiësto has always been head of electronic house music and was mainly known for dominating the trance scene – a type of electronic music that’s more melodic than techno and that usually has harder beats than house. In 2009 with the release of his album Kaleidoscope, Tiësto took a departure from his trance roots and explored a whole new side of electronic music.

“The biggest thing to happen for me this year is my change in style. I play more eclectic, much more house-driven, and like, indie pop music,” Tiësto said. “The whole trance part is deleted from my set now. It is completely gone. It was a revolutionary thing for me.” Tiësto was quoted saying in DJ Mag in 2010. And the change hasn’t hindered his success one bit. Continuing to sell out stadiums and top music charts all over the world, there’s no denying that Tiësto is a force to be reckoned with.

This is going to be another huge show for Kelowna so don’t wait until the last second to get your tickets because this concert is likely to sell out quickly.

Tickets for Tiësto’s show at Prospera Prospera Place are available now starting at $58 exclusively on Visit the Tiësto: Canadian Tour facebook page for more information.

What’s On? February Mix: Hosted by Ryan Donn

Ryan Donn is back with his February 2011 Edition of  What’s On? hosted by… himself! This edition, like all others, features songs worth hearing from musicians performing around the Okanagan!

  • Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Movie Life
  • Malibu Knights – Child Soldier
  • Old Mans Beard – Tofino
  • Thomas Kjorven – Oh My Lord
  • Kim McMechan – Leah
  • Shane Koyczan – Atlantis

Global Music Fest, Feb 26th, 2011 @ The Laurel Building
Featuring Shane Koyczan, Malibu Knights, Ryan Donn, and Cameron Welch
Tickets $12 in advance (on sale Feb 1st at Leo’s video), $15 at the door

Child Solder Michel Chikwanine speaks on Feb 22nd at Trinity Baptist
for more information go to:

Art is Hope, Feb 25th,
Featuring Kim Mcmechan, Graham Ord, Norm Strauss, Andrew Smith

For all Spirit festival events go to

For information specifically on the Conduit Festival: ECOTONE go to

Feb 8th and 9th, Encore @ The Kelowna Community Theatre
featuring Kelowna Secondary Senior musicians and Night Owl Theatre
Adults: $15 Students: $10

February 10th, 2011- Michael Bernard Fitzgerald with Paperboy
$15 (+ $2.50 tx & sc) or $18 at the door
Doors at 8pm, Show at 9pm

Kim McMechan at the Minstrel Cafe and Bar, Feb 13th, $5, 8pm